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The Best Guide To Slot Machines

The Best Guide to Slot Machines

If you have just started playing slots online, then you must wonder what makes then special when all you need to do is pull the lever. The answer to this is quite simple that you have not played it enough yet. Slot machines, even while being the easiest and non-influential game in the casino, experience a crowd more than any other game in the house. You should understand there are several types of slot machines that can sometimes get overwhelming. It can also be confusing because a single slot machine can be available in different categories. But there is no need to panic as this guide explains each type of slot machine and how to play them.

Classis slots

The classic slots are the oldest and most traditional slot machines which you can find out online as well as in real casinos. These slot machines are themed based on the machines that were used before video slot machines were introduced. These are generally the three-reel slot machines that you must have seen in plenty in the casino movies.

Bonus slots

Bonus slots

Bonus slots are the most popular machines among players. These slot machines have evolved throughout the time ever since computer chip slots were introduced. The video slots today offer plenty of bonus games inside the main game which are filled with lucky reveals and arcade games. The bonuses can be triggered by hitting certain lines and wilds in the game. The size of the bonuses is inversely proportional to the frequency of occurrence during the game.

Fruit machines

Fruit machines are the most popular games in many countries around the world, including the UK. These machines are similar to the classic machines, but instead of the classic symbols, fruit machines have fruit symbols like cherry and pineapple. Fruit machines can be really interactive, which is why they have become popular among the players.

Multipayline slot machines

Multipayline slot machines

The classic slot machines during the 90’s only had a single pay line. If all the three reels in the machine hit the same number, players won. But today, slot machines have multiple pay lines for up to 100. It offers more chances of getting a win for the players. While more pay lines may mean more wins, it also increases the house edge. The professionals suggest that 20-30 pay lines are more than enough to make good profits.

Progressive jackpots

These slot machines can sometimes be unplayable, but in other times they can offer the best jackpots. The trick behind progressive slots is that the jackpot keeps on rising as players keep pumping money into the machines. The key to winning at progressive jackpots is when enough players have played on it, and the jackpot is still pending. On the other side, when someone has just won a jackpot in a progressive slot, there is no sense in playing in it right away.

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