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How To Play Video Slots For Beginners

How to Play Video Slots for Beginners

Slots are the easiest games that you can play in the casinos, which is why the newcomers first want to try out the slot machines. Even if you do not have any skills in the game, you can play slot games simply by pressing the button and wait for the reels to spin to give you a winning payoff. However, there is more to learn about the slot games if you want to be consistent with the wins. This guide will help you understand the different concepts of slot machines. Let us first look at the components of a slot machine.

Components of a slot machine

Slot machines consist of several elements which work together to achieve an outcome. With each component doing its job, the machines can have several types of outcomes which include jackpots, bonuses, free spins, and mini-games.



The classic slot machines have a lever on the right side of the machine which initiates the spinning of reels. Today instead of mechanical machines the casinos have introduced video slots which do not require a lever to spin the reels. The video slots can be operated with the help of a button that starts the computer-programmed reels. The video slot machines may have a lever for decoration or to start the game, but the original purpose of lever no longer exist in the video slots.

Pay Table

Every slot machine needs a mandatory paytable to inform the players about the machine. The paytable explains the payouts, bonuses, and jackpots that a machine can offer. You can find the paytable on the top of the machine or on the screen by pressing a button.


The traditional slot machines had mechanical reels which were operated with the help of the lever. They were cylindrical reels painted with symbols. Today the video slot machines do not need mechanical reels as they display highly animated graphics for the spinning drums. They are simply the video columns that imitate the mechanical reels.

Cash tray

When a bonus or jackpot is triggered, the real slot machines drop the coins in the cash tray.  Players can collect the coins from the tray and exchange them for real money.

Spin button

Spin button

Spin button on video slots is a replacement for the handle which a player needs to set before spinning the reels. Some machines also come with an auto-spin feature which can spin the reels for the player until they want to stop.

Bet button

Bet button helps the player to fix the wager amount in the machines if they want to change the size of their bets. The machines which have the bet button work only on credit cards.

To play a slot game, a player needs to follow these step-by-step-instructions.

  • Check the payout table and learn about the symbols and bonuses of the game.
  • Decide a wager before inserting coins or using the credit card.
  • Choose the pay lines that the machines will play throughout the game. The pay lines can be changed later.
  • Pull the lever or press the button and wait for the reels to stop.
  • Collect the winnings if a pay line is triggered. Spin the reels again if the payout is not triggered or if you want to play more.
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