Who are we?

We are the team behind the exciting 2010 multiplayer Modification for Mount&Blade: Warband, “cRPG”.
chadz started working on it in 2010, and then more and more players joined him in developing the mod.

Since the time of cRPG, the team has grown in size, skills and taste. Now we are 14 people, working hard to bring you our new game Of Kings And Men influenced from other contemporary medieval games. Hard work and dedication has brought the team together to work full time in Belfast, UK to deliver a game that we expect you will play for years to come, just like cRPG.


Meet the Donkeys

Florian “chadz” Hofreither – Austria

(Head Donkey / Project Lead) 

chadz brought the team together in creating Of Kings And Men. He is also one of the team’s coders, currently focused on creating fun gameplay features for the Epic world and creating useful in-game tools for the artists to utilize.

“life was much easier when I was a borderline alcoholic” – chadz

Alessio “cmp” Sgarro – Italy

(Engine Programmer / Technical Lead) 

For the past few years cmp has been building the engine from scratch to support the massive world and player base we want to achieve. All the base code and functionality, lighting, and rendering, has been developed by him. He is constantly improving and adding new features for our artists and coders.

Olle “jacko” Sahlstedt – Sweden

(Lead 3D Artist / Map Designer)

jacko is one of the few among us who has somehow mastered the art of work/life balance. He specialises in Environment design, texturing and modelling. Buildings, trees, rocks, foliage, you name it – if its outside, he’s got it covered.

He’s the Map Designer for the various Battle Modes using previous design experience from cRPG, and also generating biomes for the Epic world.

Jacko likes rocks a bit too much.





Simon “Fin” Schütt – Germany

(Game Soundtrack Composer)

Fin is our talented composer for the soundtrack of the game which is based on the 9th century text, “the Lay of Hildebrand”. Inspired by the likes of Mahler, Sibelius, James Horner and Jeremy Soule, he is designing the soundtrack to give players a truly immersive and dynamic experience.

When he’s not creating music (and trust us, its hard to separate him from it!) Fin enjoys shaping the combat and visual look of the game, also designing elements for the UI.

Sergii “serr” Greben – Ukraine

(Gameplay Coder)

serr has been working on the combat system for the game, adding and refining functionality for different weapons and their gameplay implications to make the combat look and feel as fluid as possible. He has also been coding features for Epic and some of our gamemodes.

As one of our most hardcore Warband players, he never hesitates to remind the team of our roots and important things to consider in gameplay.

Siniša “Zimke” Vučković – Serbia
(3D Artist / Historian)zimke is our historical expert for all things medieval. He knows exactly what equipment was used and what would look out of place, and consults all the artists on keeping assets as closely accurate as possible in design.

Zimke is specialising in character equipment design and now using his modelling and texturing skills for different props, armors and clothing, creating a huge variety of modular customizable equipment from different cultural influences for players to choose from.
His beard stores wisdom.




Anton “Autobus” Antonov – Russia
(3D Artist)Bus is one of our remote 3D Modelling and Texture Artists, using his skills to create various props, unique textures and a variety of deadly weaponry for the game. Ensuring that these weapons are modular creates many opportunities for customizable gear.

Never says no to a challenge!

Igor Lazarev – Ukraine
(Gameplay Coder)Igor has been coding a variety of great features and functionality for the game, including working on our main territory control gamemode and Epic. Currently implementing bow combat for all you archers out there!

On the side, Igor is also a talented musician, and you can often hear him practising his drumming or guitar skills in the office evenings!

Has probably the most contagious laugh in the world.

Thomas “Thomek” Fossgard – Norway
(Film Director / 3D Artist)Thomek has used his skills to help promote the game with gameplay videos and devblogs. Drops in and out of the workplace, a great motivator, and never without an opinion on how the game should look and feel.

A whizz at Blender, he probably knows more tips and tricks than the artists combined and occasionally models some 3D assets for the game.




Dimitry “Logen” Myasin – Russia
(Character and Creature Animator)Our remote animator, Logen is covering all the character animations including movement, developing a full locomotion system, in-game actions, and refining combat for each of the different weapon types.

He is a man of few words.

Harald Röxeisen – Austria
(Full-Stack Programmer)Harald is one of our remote coders, implementing a functional user interface, taking the designed elements from the artists and making some himself. He organises the steam-side client and consults regularly with the team on shaping the game.
A passionate developer with an eye for UI Design.

Rachel “Tolonar” Johnson – United Kingdom
(Full-Time Intern)Tolonar is one of our two interns, a 3D generalist who occasionally works on set-dressing, creating features for character customization and rigging clothing/armor.
She also designs elements for the UI and manages devblog updates when we have a bit of spare time in the week!


Aidan Scott – Ireland
(Full-Time Intern)Aidan is one of our two interns, a 3D generalist who manages the process and adjustment of LOD generation, and occasionally creating smaller props and foliage. He also works with designing and set-dressing maps to have a variety of interesting focal points and good gameplay.

Glenn (Soundwizard) Goa – Norway
(Sound Designer)A Viking Reenactor and blacksmith, with over 5 years of experience in sound design, Glenn is recording both voice and 100+ sounds for the game – from character interaction to environment and ambience. He ties these sound effects to hooks in-game so that they trigger at the right moment and gave players well-designed and responsive audio feedback.




Plus everyone else who has worked on the game in some way or another.

A special mention to:

  • Ole Christian “Ozin” Johannessen, who worked on several of our maps, including Epic, and lighting settings.
  • Mark “Nessaj” Laursen, who helped us with organisation and PR management.
  • Miłosz Makowski, who supported the team with engine coding.
  • Henning “Siegbert” Kleist, who modelled and textured the main player character, and some clothing models.
  • Cameron Small, who designed some armor models for the character.
  • Darren “Wraithdt” Tan, who created the concept artwork for the game.
  • Renata Gąsiorowska, who designed the Donkeycrew logo and animation.
  • and also our cRPG community and early backers.

We couldn’t have come this far without everyone’s help.