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dev frame: The Arena


New goals have been set during today’s meeting, and the team is ready to work as hard as possible to achieve them in the shortest period of time. After the last sprint’s major success, there is no doubt the Donkeys will meet the next deadline while not experiencing any impediments on the way.

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dev frame: The Dusk


Features are being finished, and the team switches to new ones! New progression system is getting closer to the first testing stage, although it might take a little bit more time than the other features that are currently planned because of its complexity and amount of coding it requires.

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dev frame: Poor knight


Internal tests of some of the planned features are showing very good results with minimum to none issues. Right now, there are no reasons to worry about the quality of the content for the next patch, which means that the team can continue to develop the new things as planned while not fighting bugs.

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dev frame: Parts and Layers


Monday – the day of productivity! Everyone in the team seems very engaged in discussion about our new progression system development. While coders are doing their job, they’re never short on implementation suggestions that are bound to ease learning curve and increase usability for players.

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Weekly 5: Tranquil water


It’s worth to read Weeklies even if you follow regular dev frames! There are some unique pictures of the features that are currently being developed, and team members usually provide updates on their progress during weekends if they have an opportunity to work.

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