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dev frame: Nightly knight


We had our first announced public test today! Some bugs have been found in parties feature and web admin tools, but nothing major. Coders have found all the issues already, and it’s only a matter of hours for them to fix the most noticeable ones. Basic functionality, which is the most important, works flawlessly. Players parties successfully join the same team and stay in that formation throughout the duration of the map, initiating voting for kick, ban, or mute works 10 times out of 10, and web admin tools function as intended.

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dev frame: Press I to open inventory


New coder already joined the team! It was his first day, and he will need some time to catch up with the project until he’s able to perform his coding magic. Had an opportunity to talk to him today, he’s a great guy and makes an impression of a true expert in his branch. Can’t introduce him just yet, but I’m convinced he’ll be a great addition to the team!

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Weekly 3: Remote donkeys


The week is coming to an end, and it means that new wrap-up is ready! Some of the Donkeys had to leave the office recently, which means communication between them and your humble dev frame writer worsened a little bit. They’ll try to come back as quickly as possible, but amount of sneak peeks might get lower for a while. They will continue working of course, and they’ll be able to do so even more since they don’t waste time on commute every morning 😀 

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dev frame: So many questions


A lively discussion about the future of progression system has been going the whole day! Balancing team brought up such innovative topics as removing levels, implementing perk trees, and many more. The team hasn’t decided yet whether it’s the way they want the system go, but it looks very interesting indeed!

In addition to progression presentation, balancing team committed two-handed weapons changes. They should be included in the next patch.

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dev frame: Pretty trees


Balancing team just finished with new one-handed weapons tweaks! They passed a small update (read below), and mentioned working on two-handers now.

Other than that, everyone continue what has been started earlier. Logen does one-handed animations, cmp is tweaks distant objects render, and serr is trying to finish parties as quickly as possible. You can try them in nightly right now, just make sure you have at least 4 players on nightly test server and create a party of 2 – you’ll be placed in the same team with your friend.

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dev frame: Yellow friends


Parties got more advanced in nightly version of the game! Now all your party members have yellow markers instead of default white/blue. Plus, parties finally work as intended since last patch! In addition to parties, admin tools were tested on nightly server. Will require a few tweaks like notification when an admin bans or mutes a player, but no critical issues have been discovered.

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dev frame: Conquest map


Blood, fog, rain, and other effects – all that requires particle system to function… And the first version just got sent to artists and coders! It’s still ‘work in progress’ prototype, and will be patched over and over again until it reaches the game, but it’s a huge step towards cool effects nonetheless!

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dev frame: Black knight


Monday was quiet as usual. Artist continue their current projects, Fin was fighting his local network after moving back to his studio in Germany, Zimke still keeps his next masterpiece a secret, and coders were looking for a better way to patch the game – both normal version and nightly. There is pretty cool sneak peek though, don’t miss it!

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