We are in Early Access!

Of Kings And Men is currently in the Early Access stage of development. This means that although there are currently a lot of gameplay elements we have implemented that we would love for you to play, there is still a lot of development and testing required before the game reaches its final state.


What is Early Access?

When our game is released as Early Access, this means we will be showing you a portion of our final game in a working state, for a fraction of the cost of the final release.
As time goes on, we will continue to add new content and features, and players will be able to follow us through our development every step of the way.

This also means that gameplay is not final and could be changed at any time. Our community feedback is very important to us, and if we find that things just aren’t working for players then we will try our best to fix those issues, even if it means changing something at its core.
As an online multiplayer game, for us it helps tremendously to have a community engaged and providing us with feedback on how we can make this the best game we can. For you as a player, this also means that you will be able to experience first-hand the gameplay and have your say in what you think could be made differently.

Please bear in mind that occasionally there will be technical issues. Servers may go down, or there will be serious bugs that need to be ironed out. However, we will always provide support and keep you updated on the state of the game when it is released.


We are also very active in our chatroom on Discord: https://discord.gg/015Ecllky6rS17Qk5

This is one of the best places to get up to date information, and anyone with questions or technical problems are welcome. We, or the community will do our best to help.





What features will be in Early Access for Of Kings And Men?

In Early Access we have a few solid Battle modes within the game that can be experienced with hundreds playing at a time. Right now we are developing three main modes: Conquest, Skirmish and Duel.
The first two are more traditional team player-versus-player setups, duel is a 1vs1 game mode where you can really test and train your skill!

As soon as we can afterwards, we would then like to release the Epic portion of the game, where at first we will open the strategic layer. There you can recruit troops, work with clans, recruit troops and arrange battles with other players. These battles will be scheduled to the next day, and fought in-game! The results will reflect back on the boardgame.


Feature list we are aiming for:
  • A refined combat system with a variety of weapon types to choose from including 2-Handed, 1-Handed and Shield, Bows, and Polearms – each with their own advantages and playstyles.
  • A tutorial for new players to show them the ropes of combat and practice against bots of varying difficulty.
  • At least two game modes to choose from: Deathmatch and Sequential Battle, so that players can experience a polished multiplayer combat experience.
  • An area in which to hang out, socialize or duel other players.
  • Possibly some sort of overall ranking system.
  • Full body and facial character customization that players can spend their time tweaking or assign randomly.
  • The ability for players to earn and assign skill points, to specialize their character according to different attributes such as Health, Speed, Attack Speed, Strength, etc.
  • A full levelling system for characters, where progression will unlock different tiers of weapons and armors.
  • Inventory for different gear unlocked and armor customization system where players can combine different parts to create their individual look.


TTR 03

How can I play Early Access?

You can purchase our game via Steam or our publisher Green Man Gaming.

We are live with players actively playing the game around the world! We currently have servers in Europe, North  America (East & West), South America, Australia, Oceania, East Asia, and Japan!


When will there be a finished release?

Currently, we don’t know. We would love to give you an estimate but right now we are focused on releasing a polished Early Access that players can dive into and enjoy.