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The new patch is coming today as promised last week! As mentioned before, right now the team is focusing on dealing with all current issues, and making small, yet noticeable, changes. We would be happy to read more of your feedback once the update is available, especially if it’s about other bugs or preferred features. The server will not be available for a short period of time, but it’s a standard procedure.

New patch coming next week!

To reassure that the development is continuing, we’ve decided to announce that many previously reported issues are now resolved, and the update with fixes will be available next week!

We hope you will share your feedback and report if there is something else that needs to be addressed. Meanwhile, the team will proceed dealing with bugs, and will move on to developing new features once it is done.

Development Announcement

Message to the Of Kings And Men community: Development team departures

Warlock Wireless Ltd, Daedalus Partners LLP, the developer and investor behind the medieval multiplayer, Of Kings And Men, today announce the departure of key staff in the development team.

dev frame: History Repeats


Zimke and Autobus are currently working on more weapons and armor for the game and many of you had questions about actual usage of some of the items, so here are pictures of real equipment pieces used around 13th century. Tell what other items interest you and they’ll be included in one of the future dev frames!