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Changelog –


While waiting for artists to finish their work on User Interface in order to continue with the progression system, the rest of the team has been working on multiple different features and improvements.

As mentioned earlier, the new conquest mode currently lacks some planned mechanics, and we will be implementing them shortly, thanks to all the feedback we received. Conquest improvement won’t be our only focus though, as there are many things we’d like to add in the next couple of updates.

Changelog –


To address the biggest issue with the current progression system, which is a huge difference between low and high level players, making it impossible to play with any level but 50, it was decided to increase the base of all character stats and implement lower steps with every point investment.

Light and medium armor is used rather rarely at the moment, and to encourage wearing less heavy equipment, encumbrance effect was increased for movement speed as well as attack speed for both melee and ranged characters.

Archery has also been slightly changed with Damage stat affecting ranged weapons, but encumbrance implementation will also slow archers down if they wear heavier armor than light, naturally balancing the buff.

Changelog –


After a week of testing, a new conquest game mode is now officially released! We’ll be continuing to tweak and improve the mode by adding new mechanics and balancing numbers like respawn time, but would much appreciate your feedback on its first version!

The new conquest encourages team play and communication by allowing you to choose your own objectives and priorities, and makes gameplay much more dynamic, since team members can choose to spawn on captured flags, and immediately rush into a battle.

With new artists joining the team, we’re finally able to work on visual and sound assets. Our first goal will be to get rid of the current User Interface, which is inconvenient to work with, and add a new unique design to make gaming experience memorable even while scrolling through menus.

Tell us what you think about the new game mode, and expect more updates coming soon!




Adding a couple of things in this week’s update! Not too big, but important for the game’s development, and more exciting features are on their way too. The most interesting change today is probably the one that allows to choose how many opponents you want to fight in Practice. As usual, all of them are real characters, so prepare to face an army led by your clone one day! Convenient team chat to continue with team communication improvement, sprint toggle option for those who like their little finger idle, and some other additions were also added since last week. Also, grasslands map from December made its return, and bug fixes go without saying.