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dev frame – Level Up

We’re starting redoing the character progression system, and it would be extremely helpful if you could read its description in the dev frame and share your feedback with us! There are also other exciting things coming really soon. The clan system and an update for one of the lobby maps are only two examples!

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dev frame – Someone Special


New week – new update! We hope you liked the new patch with dark nights, User Interface overhaul, lots of sound changes, and other additions and fixes. Dev quotes are back, and this week’s dev frame has a lot of images and gifs, so don’t forget to switch to wi-fi if you’re on your phone!

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dev frame – Here We Go Again

With development progress being made and the team growing, we’ve decided to start regular development updates to keep you informed about what’s being worked on, and in what direction the game is evolving. The format is being slightly changed compared to usual updates, but the name is being kept – dev frames.

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