Main changes


Scheduling battles


A system for scheduling battles has been added in this update, making a promised Raid Mode closer, while still being useful on its own. Every player now can schedule his own battle, choosing between Conquest and Skirmish, and selecting a preferred time and date. Essentially, it’s a system for creating timed events by anyone who is interested.


Once a battle is scheduled, every player is free to sign up for it, and then join with everyone else, making it easy to see who is coming and who decided not to participate in a particular battle. A new Battles menu is accessible from the barracks, where you have options to choose a region you would like to fight in, so you’re always aware of what ping to expect.


When playing in the lobby, you  will receive a popup notification about your battle starting, so you never miss it, and a newly added Discord alert system will make it even more convenient!


  • Added a battle scheduler.




Map design


One of the lobby maps has been significantly reworked for the update to improve its visuals and put a new AI improvement in use by having complex Hold Your Ground and Arena areas. Bots can now attack you from many different places, so you have to be always aware of your surroundings and try not to get caught off guard from behind by sneaky enemies.


With all the trees, peculiar mountainous terrain, villagers’ houses, and battlefields, it’s a very interesting map to simply explore! You can go on a small adventure alone or with your friends, and, if lucky, find some treasure chests to reward your curiosity!


  • Added an updated lobby map.




Smarter AI


AI is currently being used for duels in the lobby area, in Hold Your Ground, and in The Arena. Those are all combat modes, so they require some more advanced AI than we used to have in the game to provide an interesting experience while taking part in either of them. With that in mind, AI system has been reworked, and is continuing to improve.


Bots now easily find ways to avoid obstacles when attacking players, are aware of their weapon lengths and try to use footwork to stay in preferable distance, and generally act smarter in hostile environment. There will further additions for AI in the game, including peaceful NPCs, so let us know your suggestions for what you’d like to see changed!


  • Improved AI system.




Combat changes


Better blocks


Blocking is one of the most important parts of the combat in any situation, and being able to outsmart your opponent to hit him. If two experienced players meet on the battlefield or simply practicing by dueling, it’s not rare that their fight would be very long, which might make it quite boring after some time. To make personal skill affect combat even more, a system of good and bad blocks has been added.



In order to do a good block, you have to match your opponent’s attack perfectly, resulting in increased counterattack speed, and allowing you to start hitting back. Bad block on the other hand, is done by blocking with stances adjacent to the one that matches an attack, which then makes your character generally slower for a short period of time, allowing your opponent to continue attacking.


  • Added a new blocking mechanic.



Bows and Crossbows


Ranged class has seen some improvements over the past few updates, but we’re still working on making them as bug-free and interesting as possible. Most importantly, projectiles have been heavily rebalanced, making crossbow bolts fly far and fast, and generally balancing arrows too. Crossbows now have a much better advantage over bows in terms of speed and distance, so don’t pick a bow right away!


Some small tweaks have also been added for bows and arrows. You can now walk after shooting with Right Mouse Button being pressed to allow you to start moving right after firing an arrow or a bolt. Also, a transition for changing from 3rd person view to aiming with a crossbow is now much smoother and pleasantly looking.


  • Rebalanced projectile speed for bolts and arrows.
  • Improved the camera change to 1st person view with a crossbow.
  • Added movement with bows and crossbows after shooting.




Small improvements


Gain respec


There’s been quite a lot of suggestions to allow more ways to gain respec points for your character, so we decided to add a secondary mechanic, which isn’t based on getting XP and leveling up, but simply playing game modes. While you play normal modes like Conquest and Skirmish, or lobby modes like Hold Your Ground and The Arena, you have a chance of finding a special item that, when used, evens out your build.


For example, if you had 25 Damage and 5 Health, using an item would change up to 5 points at once, making stats 20 and 10 respectively. There is no limit for having those items at the same time, so you could play as much as possible to accumulate a big number and try multiple builds to find the one that suits you best!


  • Added a secondary mechanic for obtaining respec points.



Battle Alerts


In order to avoid happy accidents of players forgetting about the battles they signed up for, we’ve added a new system of notifications, which works via integration with Discord. Once you sign up for alerts in the game, you will receive messages from our Discord bot when your battles are about to start!


There are other options we consider to make it freely accessible even if you don’t use Discord, and it would be helpful if you could let us know what services you would like to use for that kind messages.


  • Added a Discord bot that sends notifications about your battles.




Lots of loot


Loot chests in Hold Your Ground and The Arena resulted in other modes not being as rewarding to play, which is why we decided to add them to Conquest and Skirmish too. Now every time you finish a map of either of the modes, you will be given chests for participating. If you win, you will get either an uncommon or even a rare chest, and if you end up losing, you will get a common chest.



With the updated lobby map, exploring became much more interesting, and what’s better than finding a treasure chest while walking through a village or woods? Before the update, you could find every type of a chest, including those with small rewards, but we’ve removed common chests from spawning, so you can only find good ones. Go explore!


  • Added loot chests rewards for finishing HYG waves and in Conquest and Skirmish on map end.
  • Improved chances for good loot from treasure chests; Only uncommon and rare chests can be found on lobby maps.



Sound matters


Fin has been making some more changes to the sound in the game, improving an overall quality and reliability, while also adding new sounds to make the game feel more real, as good sound plays one of the biggest roles in immersion while playing.


There is still much work left to be done until the sound system can be considered perfect. If you have suggestions or bugs related to sound to report, there is a special Sound channel on our Discord server!


Official Discord server –


  • Changed audio listening position.
  • Added a spear hit on death sound for 4 armor types.
  • Improved the sound mix.
  • Changed an arrow flying sound.
  • Adjusted sound levels.
  • Added new sounds for shooting bows and crossbows.



Convenient clans


As it was planned from the start, clans received a number of changes to improve convenience of using them by clan leaders and their loyal members. Clan leaders are now allowed to pass their privileges to other members of their clans. It’s helpful when you’d like to join another clan, start a new one, or simply going on vacation and would like someone to oversee the clan with additional permissions in the game like accepting new members or kicking them.


Clan balance has also been added to the game. Now, instead of having to create a party with your clan mates, the game will automatically try to put you in the same team. Also, if you’re a member of a party after all, the game will put you and your party members together, avoiding clan balance.


  • Added an option to transfer clan leadership.
  • Added a clan balance; Players in the same clan will be put to the same team.



Animate it


When selecting weapons in the barracks, your character now does a battle stance instead of idly standing, as if he was posing for a picture, and not experiencing horrors of war by participating in battles. It serves no gameplay purpose, but is supposed to improve immersion by having your character look like he’s prepared to fight the enemy. 


  • Added character animations for barracks.



Ping pong


A rather small change, but useful nonetheless. Now you can see a ping to a specific server when selecting regions in the barracks. It was requested by some of the players, so if you have more ideas for improving convenience, let us know on Discord or forums!


  • Added ping information when choosing a region.



Bug fixes


  • Fixed many stability issues when joining servers.
  • Fixed one-handed parry animation turning a character.
  • Fixed players not switching teams when their party changes.
  • Fixed voice commands stuttering.
  • Minor sound mix fixes.
  • Fixed vertex animation for crossbows.
  • Fixed score not being counted in lobby modes.
  • Fixed a sound glitch when going into aiming mode.
  • Fixed the menu not closing when in spectator mode on Conquest.