Main changes


Progress your character


As it’s been mentioned in the latest dev frame, character progression is being changed from a feature that allows to improve your character every level you gain to a balanced system that encourages you to level up in order to customize your build and receive new unique items, while providing good character builds even for new players without any experience.



In short, all players, no matter what level they are, have 60 stat points in total, and level one characters have all of them distributed fairly – 15 points in each stat. Even without changing anything, that build could be used with any armour or weapons and be fairly efficient. Every level you gain a respec point, and can customize your build by increasing one stat, while decreasing another one. Also, during a journey from level 1 to 50, you’re able to find special loot boxes that contain items. Some of them are new and special, so keep leveling up!


You can read a full description of the system in the previous dev frame –


  • Added a new progression system.



Join a clan


Clans have always been a very important part of Of Kings And Men, so it was clear that a more structured way for them to function in the game, while providing special mechanics like heraldry would be an important part towards a more defined team and group gameplay.



Clan leaders are now able to form their own clans in the game from a new menu, and select a more or less personalized coat of arms to be used on clan members’ equipment for recognition on the battlefield. If you’d like to have a completely unique heraldry made by yourself or your fellow clan members, there will be a forum thread set up soon, where you’ll be able to submit your emblems!


  • Added a Clan feature.



Grow some hair


Character appearance customization is absolutely necessary in order to know who is who while fighting or even socializing in the lobby. For that to improve, we’ve added a set of new assets for everyone to apply to their characters – hair, a beard, and a moustache. Later on, we’ll be looking at improving current options, adding more colours to choose from, and implementing new styles to expand on customizability further


  • Added hair and facial hair options.




Hear the difference


As updates for sounds are becoming regular, there are going to be more additions and tweaks instead of fixes for the current sound system. For now though, there are still some issues we would like to get rid of, but there are also many new improvements and implementations in this week’s update.


Thanks to your suggestions for curses and mockery on our forums, some of them managed to get into the update as a part of the new voice set! In order to use a new voice for your character, simply go to the Appearance tab in barracks, and choose the third voice option. Don’t stop suggesting your phrases though, there are still two more voice sets that are planned to be added in near future.


  • Added a new voice set (male03).
  • Added sound orientation filtering; Makes objects behind a character sound muffled.
  • Added doppler effects for sound; Moving objects should produce hearable sound.
  • Added sound impulse responses to give a sense of depth.
  • Added a new distance scaling for sound.
  • Added small sound improvements
  • Added synchronization for foot steps and their sound.
  • Changed sounds for parrying.
  • Changed ambiance volume for some occasions.
  • Minor sound fixes.



Combat changes


Shoot like a pro


While there are not many issues with a default third person camera for melee combat, and it’s possible to easily customize it to your liking in game settings, first person camera for bows and crossbows requires code changes and thorough testing in order to work. Since the old camera positions weren’t very clear as to where projectile will fly after releasing it, making it incredibly hard for unexperienced in ranged combat players to be at least somewhat efficient in combat, we decided to work on both cameras to make shooting intuitive and fun.



It’s not a very big change in terms of development, yet it changes shooting experience drastically, so it would be very helpful if you could try out a bow or a crossbow, and let us know what you think about the new tweak!


  • Added a new archery animation.
  • Added a new shooting camera for bows.
  • Added a new shooting camera for crossbows.



Small improvements


Bots – not clones



Bots were using the same default faces and bodies since the very beginning of the game. Even though the default appearance is rather handsome, it was very strange seeing a whole group of fighters being identical twins. With this recent change, all bots now have randomly generated appearance, and use newly added hair and facial hair as well.


  • Added randomly generated appearance for bots.



Less waiting


In order to make Hold Your Ground mode a little bit more dynamic, waiting time between waves has been changed from 20 seconds to only 10. It’s a very small change, but it’s worth mentioning, since we’ll be continuing with some other tweaks for the mode that are supposed to provide more fast developing combat instances, instead of slowly progressing rounds.


  • Reduced waiting time for Hold Your Ground to 10 seconds.



Important frames


Being one of the recent community requests, we’ve added more options for the FPS cap in our game settings. If you’d like to suggest your own ideas, please use our forums or discord!


Forums –

Discord –


  • Added more options for maximum FPS.



Bug fixes


  • Fixed a character returning to his default position when moving sliders in the appearance editor.
  • Fixed the camera being stuck when doing emotes with arrows nocked.
  • Fixed lights multiplying and causing performance issues.
  • Fixed ambient sounds not playing properly.
  • Fixed the camera being broken after disconnecting from Conquest.
  • Fixed the first person camera glitching when switching arrows.
  • Fixed character appearance not updating while on server.
  • Fixed in-game menu not having any background. 
  • Fixed player voting playing a drum sound every time someone votes.
  • Fixed breaking shields of team mates giving XP.
  • Fixed bots giving XP for duels after level 30.