We’re starting redoing the character progression system, and it would be extremely helpful if you could read its description in the dev frame and share your feedback with us! There are also other exciting things coming really soon. The clan system and an update for one of the lobby maps are only two examples!


If you haven’t checked our latest nightly update, it would mean a world to us if you could download it and try the latest additions. The one we especially would like your thoughts on is, of course, the clan system, but there are also other changes like a new archery camera and a bunch of fixes.


Take a look at the full changelog for the latest testing version.


Main Changes

  • Added a Clan feature accessible from barracks.
  • Added a new fixed archery animation.
  • Added more maximum FPS options by request.
  • Added a duel canceling button (F)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed lights multiplying and causing performance issues.
  • Fixed ambient sounds not playing properly.
  • Fixed a camera being broken after disconnecting from Conquest.
  • Fixed a first person camera glitching when switching arrows.



Next week, we expect more nightly patches to come out, test all the changes, and release it to the main game’s version. Once again, if you could share what you think of those testing patches every now and then, it would allow us to find bugs quicker and implement changes based on your own ideas!


The picture at the top has been taken by King Ferdnand, who’s the leader of The Kings Men clan. If you’d like to like and comment his screenshot, here’s the link – http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=960998564.



Progression Is New


“oh boy, when you think of RARE items”


Many of you have been discussing what’s currently wrong with the character progression in the game, suggesting possible solution for fixing those flaws, and encouraging the team to prioritize game balance over other changes we’re working on. While we do plan to implement a completely different progression system that would provide build customization over time spent playing instead of objectively making builds stronger with every level, implementation of something that much different would take a lot of time.


It is quite clear that, while other features are extremely important, a balanced progression is what many of you value the most in a short term development. Considering that, the team has decided to implement a temporary solution for the stat balancing issue, which will allow us to add a completely new system later on, while not having broken mechanics in the game until it’s ready.


New players lack both combat experience and character stats. New progression is here to fix the latter!


If you’re interested in how the new temporary progression will function, go ahead and continue reading, but if you’re up for a surprise, you should skip it to the next section!


Initially, every character will start with the same amount of stat points in every stat from the very first level (Health, Damage, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed). This way, even new players will have the most balanced builds that perform well with any equipment right from their first spawn. Instead of receiving additional stat points every level, you will gain respec points, and will be able to change your build however you wish.


For example, if you only just started and your goal is to become a tanky shielder with a lot of health, you are likely to consider lowering your attack or movement speed in order to increase your health. Since the new system’s balancing hasn’t been finalized yet, we will use randomly chosen numbers for this dev frame! For example, if you had 15 stat points in every stat, and wanted to have an extreme build with 30 health as a shielder, you would need to reach at least level 15 to achieve that.


Possible builds that could be created for your shielder by reaching level 15:


  • 30 Health
  • 15 Damage
  • 10 Attack Speed
  • 5 Movement Speed


  • 30 Health
  • 15 Damage
  • 3 Attack Speed
  • 12 Movement Speed


  • 30 Health
  • 20 Damage
  • 5 Attack Speed
  • 5 Movement Speed


While the progression system we plan for the future is designed to prevent complete extremes in builds like in the example above, the new temporary system will undoubtedly function much better than the one we currently have at our disposal, providing the same total number of stat points for both level 1 and level 50 characters. A small flaw in such system is that if you prefer balanced builds, there’s no big enough reason to continue leveling up once you’ve got yourself a desired build.


In order to fix this, we’re also implementing another mechanic for the progression – loot boxes. While reaching level 50, you will be able to collect a total number of 10 of those boxes on different levels – level 4, level 13, level 21, and so on. Each loot box will have various rarities, similar to chests in The Arena mode, and each level up will increase your chance of finding a more rare box.


You never know which chest you might get or what item it will contain, but boxes will generally have items from the shop, special variations of already available items, and even items that are completely new to the game! Of course a more rare chest is likely to contain something good inside, and even though chances to find very rare chests are extremely low in the beginning, they get higher with every level up.


Here are some examples of items that you will be able to find in loot boxes.



We expect to start testing the new character progression system sometime next week, and depending on how stable it is, will release it to the live version as soon as possible. If you have suggestions regarding the system, please let us know on our Discord or forums, we’re still able to change some of the details, since it’s not fully ready yet.



Customize Yourself


“Works for now though, better than alternative medieval universe where hair doesn’t exist for sure”


Character customization has always been an important part of Of Kings And Men. First thing that was available from the start was obviously a possibility of equipping your own weapons and armour layers. It’s a fundamental mechanic of the game, allowing every player to establish their own combat style by selecting preferred gear. Character appearance customization appeared later on, since “clone armies” were creating a very unrealistic environment by having everyone fight with the exact same face and body.


While some players chose to create characters that look like real people, many went to extremes in order to be as unique as possible, and always be easily recognizable on the battlefield. Some went further and tried to create as ugly faces as the game allows, only to stand out among others, which resulted in contests of the ugliest faces in the game and forum threads filled with pictures of the funniest characters. Here are some of the examples in case you haven’t been checking out on those.



Even though possibilities are endless in our character appearance editor, there is one thing that was always lacking, and many of you have been asking for it for quite a long time already. The thing is, of course, hair and facial hair for characters. In the next update, make sure you check the Head tab when changing your character’s appearance! Right now choices aren’t that many, but it will definitely improve recognizability while being in combat or simply walking around the maps, throwing random voice commands and doing emotes.


It should go without saying, but to reassure you, we do plan to add more options of different hair styles, full beards, and moustaches later in the future! It would be very interesting to see what kind of hair or facial you would like to see available in the game, so go ahead and create threads on our forums, and post pictures of your favorite medieval styles!


Here’s a transformation from a hairless warrior to a fighter with a full beard and good looking hair.




Voice Commands


“Additionally, they break things.”


As you all already know, Fin and Igor are working on fixing, improving, redoing, and adding new sounds to the game that will eventually make it feel very real and immersive. Even though there are plenty of sounds being worked on simultaneously, they’re adding more of them to their list of changes. Many are not that interesting to discuss or show progress on like sounds of flying arrows or walking/running sounds, but there is a feature that is dear to many and is used by everyone – Voice Commands!


Current voice commands do their job well – they’re easy to use even while in the heat of battle and allow to communicate without a constant need to type. They also fulfill basic commander needs like asking a group to stop, attack, form a shield wall, and perform other actions on the battlefield. But even though the mechanic works as intended, there are other issues that have to be addressed. Such issues are a quality of sound and a total number of those commands.


Fin and Igor are determined to fix both of those problems by compiling a list of required phrases and professionally recording them in a studio. The plan for a finished job is to have three different character voice sets with their own personalities and unique commands. The characters that were chosen are:


  • Nosy nobleman.
  • Old experienced foot soldier.
  • An odd looking, slightly insane archer.


It doesn’t mean that your class or playstyle will determine what voice your character will have, those are simply predefined backgrounds for differently sounding voice choices. Each such character will have the same commands to its disposal, but very different phrases. For example, someone who chose “nosy nobleman” could scream “Damn you, commoners!” when cursing his enemies, but someone with “foot soldier” voice could scream something like “Bloody greenhorns!”


Here is a quick test recording of one of the new voice commands.



There is currently a community contest that allows you to suggested your favorite curses and mockeries, which later will be reviewed, and chosen to be included in the game! Go ahead and suggest them on our forums, just make sure to read the rules!


Curse Your Enemy Contest on our forums – http://ofkingsandmen.net/forum/threads/curse-your-enemy-contest.59/



Designing Maps


“Basically a complete overhaul”


Continuing his work on adjusting current lobby maps, Krom is now finished with making The Arena zone look like an actual battlefield, where warriors fight for their lives to gain wealth and glory, instead of a simplistic plain with hills and stones. If you haven’t been lucky to see some of the preview screenshots of the new arena, go ahead and check the previous dev frame! There are six beautiful shots from different angles, allowing you to imagine how it will look and feel like in the game.


Here’s the link – http://ofkingsandmen.net/index.php/2017/06/25/dev-frame-someone-special/.



Now that The Arena is finished, the next step is overhauling the Hold Your Ground’s area. It will remain the same size and shape not to affect basic gameplay rules of the mode, but instead will gain details like trees, ruins, towers, and other elements that are being added in order to make the map look believable, as if it’s an actual medieval village with its own history and charm.


Since the new Hold Your Ground arena is still in development, there are not too many screenshots to show, because everything is a subject to change. There are two “Work In Progress” shots of the new area in this dev frame’s section though, and it would be really great if you shared your thoughts about changes done to it so far!



One of the planned steps in the future, regarding level design and the lobby specifically, is to create a single unified map instead of two independent maps like it is currently. While artistic and technical aspects are still being discussed and designed, the idea is to have a big area that will host all our current lobby modes as well as other activities we would like to add based on your suggestions and our own observations.


Examples of such additions would be an archery practice area, where archers and crossbowmen would be able to improve their aiming and shooting skills, or a basic training area for completely new players, which would function as an elaborate tutorial that keeps being accessible at any time for all players, no matter their skill or level.


There are also other ideas we have that could be implemented in more distant future, though it is a little bit too early to discuss, as there hasn’t been a decision on them yet, but if you have suggestions for activities that could be integrated into the lobby, feel free to share them on our forums or on Discord!


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