Main changes


Pretty menus


As already mentioned in the last week’s dev frame, User Interface is getting a serious visual overhaul. Please keep in mind that it’s the very first UI change we’re implementing, and there is no new functionality or new elements, but rather a style test to see how the game will look with chosen by artists colours, buttons, and other visual changes. We will very much appreciate if you let us know what you think about a new design, and report all issues you notice with menus!


Later iterations will also include a complete change of the User Interface with new layout, features, and design tweaks. Our plan is to add those changes gradually instead of putting them all in a single big update. This way we will be able to respond to your feedback quicker, since UI updates will come sooner than if artists had to work on a total overhaul for only one update. 


  • Updated visuals of the User Interface.




Night is dark…


Changing the game’s mood to a more dark and somber is what we’ve already started implementing in the last update with global lighting changes on lobby maps. Now we’re continuing expanding those improvements, and the first thing is making night actually look like nights – environment that is hard to see in. The idea is to later add similar changes to Conquest and Skirmish maps that will force warriors to bring fights to lit areas like bonfires in villages, walls with torches, and so on. Of course it would allow for more stealthy gameplay as well. Characters with high movement speed and light equipment could easily hide in shadows and eliminate enemies without being seen.


There are many improvements and changes planned for night scenes and lighting sources, but it would really helpful if you took a look and suggested something that you would like being tweaked or added!


  • Added a new night scene for the old duel map.
  • Added torches and fire.




Sounds of battle


With Igor joining the team, and being a master of coding sound into the game, Fin, who’s the one and only bard of the team, can finally start implementing his sound changes. Expect a constant flow sound updates for quite some time, because their plan is to fix, tweak, and improve all things that use sound in the game! For now they’re mostly focused on fixing part, since there are many issues like too quiet footsteps, sound jittering, and such.


While fixes are obviously at the top of their priority list, they managed to include a few additions too! The biggest one is probably an implementation of ambient sounds. Now maps sound as if they were real places – wind blows, crickets are chirping, owls hoot, and a range of other sounds can be heard.


  • Added a night sound ambiance.
  • Fixed voice commands sometimes stop working.
  • Fixed some of the missing sounds.
  • Fixed sound audibility at different distances.
  • Removed sound echo.
  • Fixed footsteps not being audible.
  • Fixed sound glitching when many sounds are played at the same time.
  • Fixed voice sound stuttering.
  • Added a backend basis for dynamic ambiances and sound emitting objects; Water and fire sounds, arrows flying, etc.



Shields for real fights


Since the mood of the game changes with global lighting becoming darker, other assets require style upgrades as well in order to keep the look consistent. Starting with shields, equipment will start to look like a real equipment previously used in battles. Scratches, dirt, cuts, and other elements will be seen on shields, swords, polearms, and other items.



Some of the clans are already applying new shields to their usual outfits, check out The Kings Men’s new champion equipment!


  • Overhauled shields’ visual style.



Combat changes


Parry like a boss


Parry was never a very good tactic while in combat. While a very small percent of players learned to use it quite proficiently, there was no big enough advantage over usual blocks comparing to risks parrying brought. With this in mind, it was decided to increase a benefit from using parries. Now every time someone parries your attack, your weapon will return to its idle stance, and you’ll have to stand in a stance again in order to block an incoming attack.


It’s not a very big change, since the basics of the parrying mechanic stay the same, but it would be useful if you could let us know if it’s worth using parries now or you’d want another change.


  • Added a new parry mechanic.



Small improvements


Flags for the flags god!


Flags on Conquest are now being scaled with a number of players currently on a server, which brought up a small flaw in that design – the less people there are, the longer it takes for a round to end. Since all flags add the same amount of Victory Points for a team that holds it, adding more flags with more players simply increases that gain. In order to make all Conquest rounds take more or less the same time to finish, Victory Points are now being scaled together with a number of flags. Here is a small example list:

  • 5 Victory Points when 1 flag is active.
  • 2 Victory Points when 3 flags are active.
  • 1 Victory Point when 5 flags are active.


  • Added a scalable gain of Victory Points for different number of flags on Conquest.



Forums are for chatting


We’ve got a new forums if you haven’t heard the news yet! Forums are incredibly useful for big and informative posts like event descriptions, clan recruitment threads, grouping suggestions, and much more!


While we had a Discord button in our in-game main menu for quite a while, forums were never advertised as much. Now with a brand new and good looking forum, we’re encouraging you to join and take part in discussions. Just join the game and click a “Forum” button in the main menu!


Or simply click this link –


  • Added a “Forum” button to the main menu.



Consistent bots


In order to make it easier for players with different experience and combat skill to find suitable bots for practice, our coders had to change a few things in their behavior for this update. First thing is that there is always the same number of bots of the same level, so if a [Hard] bot gets killed, another [Hard] bot will spawn no matter what. The second change is more of a level design tweak than a feature. Now bots of different levels spawn in their own areas, so you always know where to go when you want to fight a specific bot!


  • Added bot difficulty zones in lobby; Bots of different difficulty now spawn in different places.
  • Added bots spawning with the same difficulty level after being killed.



Rare booty


Hold Your Ground and The Arena modes are quite popular these days, so we continue to add some small improvements and response to all the feedback we receive. As requested by the community, chest rarity on The Arena mode is now scaled to a number of players. If there is only a single person playing, very rare chests will not spawn at all, but if there is a big bunch of fighters slaughtering each other for loot, rare chests will spawn almost every time. Another small addition is a dedicated animation for chest opening instead of the temporary one we used before.


  • Added a scalable rarity chance of chests for different number of players on The Arena; The more players join, the more rare chests will spawn.
  • Added a chest opening animation for The Arena and Treasure Chests.



Know your stats


It was rather hard to check arrow stats by looking at their reference picture from the time they were added, so we’ve added a small but useful for all ranged players tweak – visible arrow damage stats. You can see them under every projectile’s name when you scroll through them by using 1-4 keys.

  • C – means cut damage.
  • P – means pierce damage.
  • B – means blunt damage.


  • Added arrow stats under their names when equipped.



Endless options


Following up with your suggestions, we’ve added two small new options to Graphics and Camera menus. Some of you already knew about “hacking” the configuration file to set a desirable value for maximum FPS, but we’ve added that option to the game for your convenience. Camera tilt option was also requested before and was finally added to the game. You’re now free to set its position’s height to anything you want while having control over the angle to be able to see your character.


  • Added an option to change maximum FPS.
  • Added a default camera tilt option.



Retirement barracks


There were a couple of abusers noticed that were able to retire, but still fight with stats from their lvl50 characters until they die. In order to prevent it, retirement option was moved to barracks exclusively. Simply leave a server, retire, and join back!


  • Removed an option to retire while in game; Please go to barracks to retire!



Bug fixes


  • Fixed being able to glitch into many assets.
  • Fixed not being able to move on Skirmish after a map change.
  • Fixed flag capturing bar being stuck after winning a Skirmish round by killing all enemies.
  • Fixed team chat being visible to enemies.
  • Fixed not being able to open chests on The Arena.
  • Fixed teamkilling message saying “Killed” instead of “Teamkilled” on HYG.
  • Fixed bodies being stuck and not falling down; Please let us know if you see some of them!
  • Fixed not showing additional stat points after retirement.
  • Fixed eyes not being visible in the appearance editor.
  • Fixed kill log not having exclamation marks.