The update has been released this week and the team has been working on improving the newly added features. If you have any suggestions or would like to report a bug, please use our official forum or the Discord channel.





Same as everyone else’s, serr’s week could easily be described as “fixing things”, although he did manage to implement a new singleplayer game mode for players who would like to practice their personal combat skill without any danger usually found on the battlefield. All the bots there are using real names, characters, and equipment used by other players, so fighting an avatar of your friend or even yourself is not a rare experience.


As for the bugs in the new version, serr has successfully fixed many minor ones reported by players testing our nightly version, and continued doing so after the update, fixing a bot using a crossbow in tutorial and more. He is currently working on a solution for a problem with spawning, a workaround for which has already been found.


If you find yourself in a situation where you’re unable to spawn after pressing Space, can’t see any players on a conquest server, and menu doesn’t work when pressing Esc, please do the following:


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose Game
  3. Turn off “Disable in-game chat” option





Working time spent by Igor before the patch was also used for fixing bugs with the newly added features, especially crossbows. There are still a couple of things that need to be polished and improved like aiming animations and bolt flying range, as well as added like an ability to freely move while looking for target in first person mode.


Being critical, a bug that makes players spawn under a map’s terrain in second round has been patched with a quick workaround. Unfortunately, the reason for it seems to have deeper roots, so Igor has been figuring what causes that strange server behavior. Once the fix is finished, the game will be updated with it as soon as possible.



Harald has been busy polishing the User Interface of his and PTX’s new progression system by redrawing some of the usable buttons, changing icons into ones that a re easier to understand, and coding new features that are aimed to greatly improve usability while not being on the barracks screen. That includes a progress bar for leveling up, a currency counter, and a redesigned character screen.


Another thing Harald has been working on is adding more heavy equipment in the game’s starter set, which now also includes a mail upper body  body and padded leggings, increasing the value of every character’s base health, and decreasing the amount of health points gained with every stat.


Some of the new icons implemented by Harald earlier this week:





Discussing the new menus for the progression system with nightly testers, PTX has decided to and successfully added a few changes like an option to remove selection of an item in the shop to allow interactions with a character and let players look at the equipment set they’re currently using.


Players who have been testing the game using our nightly version before the update and did not disable it afterwards, might be having troubles connecting to any server. PTX has added a clear message for nightly users to let them know what version is being used at the moment.


If you experience issues with finding a working server and see Play (Knightly) instead of Play in the main menu, please follow these instructions:


  1. Go to your Steam library and right-click Of Kings And Men.
  2. Select Properties and open Betas tab.
  3. Select None from the list.
  4. Start the game.





Fin has finally released his anticipated duel map featuring a small village and an arena in the latest update. He has been gathering feedback and looking for small flaws in the map, that have been dealt with quickly.


Other than presenting the new map, Fin has been tinkering with day and night cycle of the game, which led to its improved version being added in the recent patch. The main goal was to increase visibility and improve the game’s visuals, which was successfully achieved.



A couple of Zimke’s items are still awaiting rigging, coding, and other work that will allow their implementation into the in-game shop, although most of his finished equipment has been already added. Right now, Zimke is continuing his work on the new armor – Rus Lamellar. He still needs to finish a high-poly model and do some tweaks, but the result will surely be revealed shortly.


In the near future, Zimke is also planning to add detailed parts to currently available upper body armors. First on the list is Mongollian Lamellar, and Zimke’s idea is to add a shoulder armor and a protective skirt to it, as well as a set of matching tunics to wear underneath.






Recently revealed and released Jacko’s conquest map received a lot of good feedback, yet a couple of suggestions for improvement have also been shared on our official forum and Discord channel. Summarizing all the good ideas, Jacko changed the spawn positions on the map and included a new area for one of the flags. If there are any other things you’d like see changed on any map, feel free to share your thoughts with us!





A couple of issues with new helmets were found during our public nightly testing, and Tolonar’s task was to fix them before the update’s release. No new problems were noticed after she’s included her solution, but please report any bugs with equipment you experience – items clipping through, weapons or armor not being properly shown, etc.


This hood made by Autobus and other items will also be included in one of the future updates:





Similar to Jacko, Krom has been tweaking his new map called Push after its release in the latest update. Most of the things like invisible props or rocks without collision were removed during our nightly testing, but in case you find something like that still being present on the map, your report would be very much appreciated.



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