A small patch has been released that fixed those few server issues we’ve all been experiencing for the past two days, and tweaked some of the reported things in the game.




The coders have been gathering feedback since the day the patch was released, and are continuing to do so now. It’s very important, especially for the balancing team, that you share your thoughts about your experience playing with the latest update.


Spears are currently undergoing balancing since it’s believed they’re too strong in comparison to other melee weapon types, and although the exact system has not been established yet, a decision to make jumping attacks less rewording and more risky for their users has already been made.


The list of changes in the latest patch:


  • Base health value increased – Amount of health is significantly higher when having less points in Health stat, which was made to allow players to try different character builds and not be obligated to invest most of the points into Health to survive more than one hit.


  • Health stat influence decreased – Each stat point in Health now adds less value to character’s health. This change was necessary in order to balance a higher amount of base Health, making maximum health roughly the same as it was before the patch.


  • One skill point is now given every five levels – Amount of skill points was designed to also be invested into perks that aren’t currently available and will be added later, thus decreasing the amount of available points was the only option until the patch with perks is added.


  • Heavier starter items added¬†– To make the start a little bit more easier for players, a few heavier armor pieces were given to every character for free.


  • “lowlands” map temporarily removed – Causing performance issues for some of the players, it was decided to remove the conquest map from the current rotation until it’s optimized.


  • Changed a sound for unsuccessful shield block – As reported by many, the same sound for successful block with shield and the one that causes a stun was very confusing during battles, so it was decided to¬†differentiate them.


  • Fixed broken server joining with no option to exit – Joining a server just to discovering all the players being marked as “someone” with no option to open a menu and restart was fixed


Dev quote


“bah, have to start creating issues, i guess”

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