The game has been updated with a hotfix today that took care of multiple issues that were found since major patch. There will be at least one more hotfix either tonight or tomorrow fixing the rest of the reported bugs.





Dev day

  • Igor – A couple of annoying bugs in the latest patch weren’t discovered during the public nightly testing due to smaller number of players testing, but the coders are staying up late in order to fix reported issues. Igor, other than working on new features and improvements, has successfully fixed a bug that made players spawn under the ground. The solution will be included in the next hotfix.


  • PTX – Seeing some of the earlier nightly testers being slightly confused by the fact that disabling nightly is required in order to play on normal servers, PTX has altered its main menu to make it clear which version is being used. He has also been fixing a bug that wasn’t allowing to return to main menu if the master server couldn’t be reached.


  • Harald – After gathering feedback about the new progression system and character balance, it was decided to increase base value of health points for every character as well as provide some heavier pieces of equipment in a set of starter items. Harald has spent time implementing those changes to be ready for the hotfix update.


Dev quote


“we can do that”



Spears’ speed has been significantly reduced in today’s hotfix, but the balancing will continue as more players try the new weapon type and share feedback. If you also have suggestions about spears, crossbows, or any other weapon feel free to reach us on Discord or official forum.





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