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Preparing for the new patch, the team members have been helping each other in fixing minor bugs with the latest additions in the shop, and testing the rest of the features that required double checking. Gathering and writing about all tiny changes that were made during the long day would be practically impossible as even those who worked on polishing wouldn’t be able to recall every single one of them. Instead, there is a short rough list of what have been fixed before today’s update.


  • Fixing a few new items being shown as red question marks when worn.
  • Fixing items in the shop that were lacking icons and preview mode.
  • Fixing a bot in tutorial using a ranged weapon (didn’t get into the patch, will be added shortly)
  • Fixing spears not having models when far away.
  • Increasing spears’ length to intended one.
  • A few other bugs


Dev quote


“Think the size is fine. They should be long.”



Screenshots straight from the newly patched Conquest server! Variety of faces is still a bit scary, but we hope everyone will get used to seeing your worst nightmare being someone’s character 😀








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