The new big update is finally here! Read the patch notes inside the post to find out about new changes, improvements, and fixes!


The most important change must be the first implementation of the new progression system, which is aimed to provide new options for character development and make experience actually meaningful. A major difference between the old version and the new one is a decision to remove equipment progression trees in favor of a recently created in-game shop, in which armor and weapons can be purchased for money gained in battles.


A slight inconvenience might be the fact that Experience Points couldn’t have been kept the way they were due to drastic changes in the system, making a reset inevitable. Don’t worry about your previous progress though, a decent part of it has been successfully refunded and level advancement is relatively fast now.


Current plan is to work further on polishing the new progression system as well as adding more content for character customization. Being the very first released version, the feature lacks a number of elements that will definitely find their way into the game – a list of perks, progression for cavalry, etc.


A list of extremely important updates also includes a renewed combat system with wide variety of newly added features, voice commands for easier communication on the battlefield, a singleplayer practice mode to train your personal fighting skill with bots, and more that can be found in the below!



  • Added voice commands – You can now communicate with your teammates and the enemies using bindable commands.


  • Added selectable voice for a character – Three different voice presets for your character while using voice commands.


  • Added personal soundscapes – All player’s action like attacking, being hit, and so on now have different and more powerful sounds than others’ actions, which increases awareness on the battlefield.


  • Added changes to distance scaling – A distance from a source now realistically affects how all the sounds are being played.



  • Improved hit detection – In the previous hit detection system, there were rare cases where hits would not be registered. In the new system this will no longer be possible.


  • Added new equipment – You can find a list with the new items below.


  • Reworked in-game collision – Hit detection became much more accurate, which led to a combat responsiveness improvement, especially for fast attacks.


  • Attack speed increased – The speed of melee weapons has been increased to make the game’s combat more dynamic and interesting.


  • Movement speed increased – Character walking and running speed has been increased to make fights happen faster and decrease the time needed to reach a flag.


  • Removed restriction on attacking angle while sprinting – Players can now attack using any stance while sprinting to make the first encounter more meaningful.


  • Reduced sprint acceleration – Because players are now allowed to sprint nearby enemies, the sprint acceleration has been reduced. This to prevent players from instantly sprinting away from melee range.


  • Allowed sprinting closer to enemies – Players are now allowed to sprint near enemies without a speed penalty.


  • Added jumping – A character can jump over obstacles on various maps as well as use jumping as a combat tactic.


  • Improved projectile system for bows and crossbows – The formulas behind projectile trajectory have been improved, they are now using more realistic physics during flight.


  • Added defensive stances with shields – The ability to use the same stance system for shields as for weapons provides many new possibilities in combat.


  • Improved multiple combat animations (attack, block, etc.) – Animations has been reworked to make them more realistic and comfortable to use in combat.


  • Added a parry feature with one-handed weapons – A character can now riposte using a one-handed weapon, which works exactly like a two-handed weapon riposte.


  • Reworked Arm and Leg mechanics – Hand and foot armor values are now added to the character’s arm and leg armor values, rather than being their own damage area and be the cause for one hit kills.



  • New character attributes: Armor (was not applied before), Melee, Ranged – Players can now specialize their characters by investing into these attributes.


  • Possibility to respec as well as full respec – An unlimited number of character resets is now available for a small fee of in-game money.


  • New max level at 50, gaining stat and skill points at every level-up – All characters now gain one stat and one skill point every level and can freely exchange them.


  • Adapted XP curve – XP gaining rate has been changed to make it easier for new players to get to a decent level and more challenging for experienced players to achieve high levels.


  • Added money – In-game money can now be used to purchase respec points and equipment from a shop.


  • Added shop, replacing the unlockable item tree using XP – Progression trees for equipment has been removed in favor of a shop, which provides much more options for character development.



  • Added new maps (Duel, Conquest)


  • Tweaked in-game water – Small changes like making colors more realistic have been made, yet more serious changes will come with new shaders being added to the engine.


  • Added new environment assets – New plants will allow level designers to make map regions more diverse and immersive.


  • Improved billboards system for distant objects – Objects that are not near the player are now being shown at much higher quality.


  • Tweaked Duel mode – Players can now spawn on the last location after being killed and the original duel map has been slightly improved.



  • Added a training mode with bots – Players can now access a singleplayer mode and fight with bots to train and increase their combat skills.


  • Added character appearance customization – Players can now create a completely unique character (face and body) and use him on servers.


  • Added a player score system – Player’s actions are now being counted as a personal score, and the efficiency on the leaderboard is now using the score instead of the amount of kills.


  • Added a party system – Players can now create parties and invite their friends, which puts all the party members to the same team and uniquely marks them for visibility.


  • Added options for special key bindings (side mouse buttons, etc.) – Players with gaming equipment are now able to use special keys for controls.


  • Added Kick/Ban/Mute server votes and a personal Mute option – Players can now initiate a vote to kick, ban or mute a specific player as well as personally mute anyone.



  • Crossbows – Flat Crossbow, Hunting Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow


  • Spears – Lance, Boar Spear, Long Headed Spear, Short Headed Spear, Leaf Spear


  • Gloves – Mail Gloves, Padded Mittens, Leather Gloves, Baleen Gloves, Scale Gloves


  • Chest – Mongolian Lamellar, Mongolian Cuirie


  • Helmet – Bamberg Helmet, Bourges Helmet, Faceplate Helmet, Maas Helmet, Marsleben Helmet, Padua Helmet, Rodenegg Helmet, Winsdorf Helmet



  • Fixed spawn direction in conquest game mode
  • Fixed bugs with sounds
  • Fixed multiple issues that caused crashes
  • Fixed issues with sky
  • Fixed servers not using proper names
  • Fixed bugs with chat
  • Fixed an ability to spawn with a shield and a two-handed weapon
  • Fixed a possibility to gain XP while not spawning
  • Other minor fixes