Most of the reported issues in the nightly testing version have been already fixed by the coders earlier today. Some others will be fixed tomorrow, but there’s a new nightly patch out, so go on and try it out. Don’t forget to share your feedback!





Dev day

  • Harald – Progression system introduced in the latest nightly testing will continue to be improved by Harald and PTX after the official update is available. Today, he has been working on a few User Interface additions and usability improvements like a redrawn set of icons or an XP progress bar below the Health bar in the game.


  • Igor – Bugs related to bows and crossbows that were reported by players testing the game on nightly were successfully fixed by Igor today. The list includes too short crossbow shooting range, jittering while moving and jumping with crossbow in aiming mode, and other minor issues.


  • PTX – As mentioned before and after the test, your feedback is crucial for the team during new features implementations. Discussing the progression system and shop in particular, PTX has included a couple of changes, like an option to deselect an item to look at your character, to his to-do list and started working on them.


  • Jacko – All your suggestions for the new maps were taken into consideration by Jacko, which made him improve spawn positions and include a new flag area on his latest map. He has also been working on tweaking visuals of the game and fixing a reported problem on the new duel map.


Dev quote


“He kept asking for mjolnir button”



The balancing team has been working hard on implementing  the new equipment made by Zimke and Autobus by balancing the armor for the new progression system. Helmets and gloves were added to the nightly version and will be polished shortly.





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