Thanks everyone who participated in our public nightly test of the new progression system, new maps, and other additions. Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions on our forum or Discord!





Dev day

  • serr –  Finishing and implementing a new singleplayer practice mode that allows you to fight against bots and improve your combat skills. serr has also been fixing multiple minor bugs before the today’s public nightly testing.


  • Fin – Has been working on a new cycle for day and night and successfully adding it for testing. It should improve visibility in the future, and make game’s visuals slightly better.


  • Krom – Adding his new conquest map called Push to nightly version of the game for everyone to test. There are a couple of easy to fix flaws that will be fixed shortly, but locations seem fun to play on for both melee and ranged. Krom has also spent some time rigging and including a few other equipment items made by Zimke and Autobus.


  • Harald – Before the nightly test went live, Harald has been adding some of his latest User Interface tweaks and improvements like a detailed hovering message and a renewed character screen design. Keep in mind that it’s just a placeholder for the assets planned to be added once the coding is done.


Dev quote


pogosan can you send those to Krom?”



The nightly testing went great thanks to everyone who joined and helped the team! A few flaws with maps have been found that apparently are easy to fix, but overall it was a very fun experience. If you were there one taking part, please share your feedback on Discord or official forum!






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