Updating the nightly version this week with the latest progression system allowed the coders to gather useful feedback to tweak and polish newly added  features.





Since the beginning of the week, serr has been adding recently finished features and assets to the game as well as removing those not used in the latest version like a debugging sound when getting hit.


serr still has a fairly big amount of minor bugs to fix that do not directly affect the gameplay, yet are a bit annoying or not looking polished, but he has also managed to fix a whole lot of bugs that were discovered during a couple of latest nightly test.


Thanks to everyone who’s willing to test the new features in nightly before they get more or less polished! If you don’t find it fun to play with multiple bugs that most likely break the game in some way or another, there will be an announced test with major bugs fixed in a few days from now. The most important testing subject at the moment is the new progression system, so let us know on Discord or forum if you find an unknown bug.


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“do we need to go into details?”



The same as serr, Igor has been busy this week with multiple bug fixes that require his attention. At the moment, he has a couple of tasks with higher priority than bugs related to bows and crossbows that came with new features, but he will surely return to them at the beginning of the next week.


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The first version of the progression system has been added to our nightly version of the game, and there are no bugs in the core that would require much time for fixing. The system in its current form only consists of the most primary features like stats, skills, a shop, etc. But there are many great plans for progression to evolve and add completely new game mechanics together with stats balancing.


In short, Harald has been both fixing and creating. User Interface required a few minor tweaks before being presented, icons had to be redrawn to fit the overall menu’s design, and other progression related things were slightly changed for the nightly.


At the same time, the master of progression has been writing scripts that will eventually transfer the data from the database into the new system using a reworked XP gaining curve designed by the balancing team,  and a script for a set of free starting items to be added for every old and new character. Harald had also other tasks like adding new options for web admin tools that allow the team to easily the new system by providing money, respecs, and so on.


If you have any suggestion or just a feedback about the new system and how it functions, please share it either on our official forum or our Discord channel 🙂


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“but as expired”





Working with Harald, PTX has been mostly busy with an implementation of an in-game shop and a player’s personal inventory. After showing  their first prototype though, he continued to polish the new feature for acquiring weapons and armor.


A small number of details that the shop was lacking were successfully added earlier this week, yet feel free to point out on things that you believe could be done differently or propose your own improvements!


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well, ok,
i dont know”







Being a composer of the team, Fin often cannot provide a work in progress updates on his main creations, and making maps is not what he’s doing on regular basis. He as a lot of logistics to figure out and keep in mind, although I’m sure he’ll share some more information once a piece is done.


Having a little bit of free time, Fin has been helping with the nightly testing and shared his artistic opinion with coders. As mentioned a couple of days before, Fin has also been discussing a lighting that is used in the game since, as an artist, he has an eye for beauty.


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“plusses and minuses under the icons and thats it”



Being an expert on environment design, Jacko’s tasks aren’t only to add more flora, cliffs, and other assets for level designers that he has finished this week. For example, this week he’s been mostly “playing around with the new shaders cmp provided a couple of weeks ago” – as he put it. Recent engine improvements made by cmp are focused on making it much easier for artists to create believable environment surfaces for player’s immersion.


Another task for Jacko was to finish a new conquest map, which is relatively small and has interesting elevation choices, as the current amount is definitely making maps rotation repetitive after some time. The map is progressing well and will be available for testing in a few days after Jacko finishes adjusting spawn points and flags, and improving the map’s albedo colors.


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“i actually totally missed out on steam”






Being finished by a 3D artist, an item can’t be used in the game right away. Spending some time this week, Krom was making sure every new armor piece is properly rigged and included in the game’s files for future use. He has also been working on another map that will be revealed in a day or two, the same as Jacko’s conquest one.






Editing sound files to be later used in the game is only a small part of Soundwizard’s job as a professional sound designer in the team. While being gone to USA for a short period of time, he managed to receive an official allowance to use some of the actual medieval siege machines in order to record live sounds and put them in the game. When aiming your trebuchet in the future, remember that the real engine sounds exactly like that!


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“I’ve recorded siege engine”



Autobus, who’s a 3D artist and an expert on all kinds of medieval weapons, has finished a hood – a very light medieval head piece for players who prefer speed over protection or simply enjoy the look of it. Now he’s back to his area of expertize and is working on a whole set of new weapons – Eastern sabres, maces, and more.


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