Bugs with the highest priority found during yesterday’s and today’s tests have been successfully fixed by the coders. Feel free to jump on our nightly servers and check the new progression out, or wait for a public announced test to play with more people.





Dev day

  • Jacko – Currently working on a map with a working name being “grasslands” as well as creating many new environment assets for level designers to use. His latest update mostly contains mossy rocks and cliffs, but there are also a couple of unexpected items like border stones with faces and a whole plateau.


  • serr – With the nightly version updated and constantly tested, serr has more and more new tasks almost all the time. Not all of his tasks are bug fixes of course since most of them were either fixed this morning or left for later because of low priority.


  • Fin – While working on his usual creative tasks, Fin managed to find a little bit of time to help the coders test the new features and provide his opinion on the latest state of the User Interface. He has also been discussing lighting in the game during the meeting with Jacko.


Dev quote


“ok, I’m banned for 2 hours for teamkilling”


Jacko is the team’s expert on rocks, trees, and all other assets related to nature. In the sneak peek, you can see a couple of his newest creations that will later be used for making diverse and beautiful maps.



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