We had a small nightly test today with the latest progression system’s version added. A few bugs have been found, but expect a public announced test in a couple of days.





Dev day

  • serr – After today’s small nightly test, there were a few bugs that required serr’s attention, so he’s currently fixing a couple of them like a broken team wound detection, an issue with score increase, or a problem with free camera feature.


  • Harald – Continuing the new progression system polishing and gathering feedback from today’s nightly test, which included the latest User Interface prototype. A few of his completed tasks include tweaking the web admin tools for the new progression, and finishing a full respec feature.


  • PTX – Before updating the nightly version of the game with the new progression system, PTX has managed to tweak a couple of things in the shop. If you have suggestions and ideas about it, feel free to share them on Discord or official forum.


Dev quote


“try not to teamhit

it breaks server”



The latest prototype of the progression system has just been updated, but it will be improved in the future. Since it’s just the first version, the menu might be a little bit confusing, so don’t hesitate to ask questions about it. I’ve selected four User Interface parts that possibly require an explanation.


  1. You can exchange stat points for skill points and back if you click on the buttons next to their values.
  2. One Respec Point costs 1c. You can return them any time until you’ve used the points to lower a stat or a skill and pressed Apply.
  3. This is where you can see your currently available money and a total cost for Respec Points. As mentioned, you can always cancel your choices until you press Apply.
  4. This is where you can see your current XP. On the left it shows how much XP is required for the next level, and on the right it shows a total amount of your XP.



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