Autobus has started to work on a new set of 13th century weapons, and the new progression system’s User Interface is getting closer to completion.





Dev day

  • Igor – Spending time on fixing recently discovered bugs related to XP. One of such issues has been appearing once a player chooses an option for character to suicide with maximum available health.


  • Harald – Working on several User Interface tweaks that should improve usability for players and simply make the menus look better. Harald is replacing buttons for skills and stats conversion, making icons follow the overall game design, repositioning values like cost, and doing other enhancements.


  • Autobus – Starting a new project of creating a set of medieval Eastern sabres with the idea to make a whole modular pack available for players. First results should not take much time, although Autobus first needs to conduct a historical research before diving into modeling.


Dev quote


“but ive never hit subscribe to anything”



A small improvement of the icons set for stats and skills in the new progression system’s menu. Keep in mind that these shown in the sneak peek are only sources and will include other effects once in the game, but the idea was to weather the pictures in order to keep them the same style as the rest of the User Interface.



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