Check out what the in-game shop currently looks like! Keep in mind that it’s the very first version and will definitely change in the future, so feel free to suggest improvements and share your ideas.





Dev day

  • Harald – Finishing a script for progression system migration of data needed for keeping XP gained by players, and a script that will provide every character with a set of free starting items.


  • PTX – Being done with basic functionality of the shop, PTX is now working on making the User Interface as intuitive as possible by sorting the items and adding elements like grids, as well as implementing a search feature (item type filter at the top of the menu), which will be useful once more items are added by 3D artists.


Dev quote


“thats what i said. tho someone said, jerry gave him one”



The first prototype of the future equipment shop is ready! Although its functionality works as designed, there will be much more tweaks and improvements before considering the feature fully finished.


As you can see, all the items are priced between 1c and 30c. At the moment, a character gains 1c for every 1000xp, so getting a good equipment set will be much easier compared to our previous system, although there will be obstacles like a limited inventory capacity and other features that require c.





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