The shop and inventory functionality is almost ready and the menu of the prototype will be revealed shortly. Coders are currently working on moving players’ XP from the old version into the new system, and are likely to succeed.





Dev day

  • Autobus – Finishing texturing his new hood equipment piece, which will be a great addition to the light and cheap armor list. Autobus is planning to add a few finishing touches and create a proper presentation scene until the end of the week.


  • Harald – Working on a script that is supposed to convert currently available XP curve into a newly designed one, and migrate all the data possible into the new progression system.


  • PTX – Prototypes of a User Interface for an items shop and a player inventory are almost ready, and will be presented in a dev frame tomorrow. According to the current design, players will be able to purchase any item with Currency Points, which are automatically generated while playing.


Dev quote


“i mean the method worked

the pc doesn’t anymore”



Autobus has finished the medieval hood, yet still has a few ideas about its improvement. Have a look at the quick video he made with different coloring options.


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