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Game engine and tools are being improved all the time and more new features are being added regularly, which sometimes causes a few of unexpected bugs to appear that need to be fixed before continuing an everyday work. cmp has been dealing with a couple of such issues earlier this week, and the artists are now once again able to use the internal asset editor for their masterpieces to be included in the game.


During the time of not fighting bugs in the engine, cmp is looking into ways of blood and gore implementation, since simply adding a physical liquid in the form it was shown in testing sneak peeks would completely ruin the game’s performance even on high-end gaming PCs.


Another thing cmp has been tinkering with is the engine’s billboard system, which allows to render simplified objects at a great distance instead of high quality ones, and keep stable fps while not being forced to hide the map’s details. It was already mentioned before, yet cmp managed to improve the system even further and provided two picture for comparison.


Dev quote

“jesus christ..”







With the new progression system getting more complex and deeper, it’s high time to start integrating its features into an actual gameplay. While Harald and PTX are working on the system itself by coding stats and skills, setting values in the database, and designing a new User Interface, serr is putting it all together and making sure the progression affects the combat exactly how it was designed to.


There are four different stats:

  • Health – Determines how much damage a character can take before dying.
  • Damage – Determines how much damage a character will cause with every hit.
  • Attack Speed – Determines how fast a character can perform an attack.
  • Movement Speed – Determines how high a character’s walking and running speed is.


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“broken in what way?”



A design document for the recently introduced score system has been finished lately by the balancing team and Igor. An early prototype was successfully tested during the last nightly version event, yet it was only a proof of concept in its current state, using raw XP points gain as a source for points system.


The feature will continue to use XP as a reference in the future, although the ways a player can increase (or decrease) a character’s XP will change significantly, providing multiple options for gameplay styles and encouraging team based combat.


Dev quote

“Thanks man!”

Current score menu.



The new progressions system, being the core of the combat, takes a lot of time and effort to develop. Lately, Harald and the balancing team have been analyzing how XP was gained by the players with the system available at the moment to create and implement a new XP gain curve, which is a formula for the amount of XP required for a level up of a character. Even though it was successfully finished, there is a possibility that the curve will have to be changed in the future, depending on players’ feedback and statistics gathered by the coders.


Harald has also been working on the progression system’s back end, like character’s stats updates and  XP in the database and Currency Points gain while playing, as well as front end, like improving a character’s screen in barracks, moving voice type selection to a different tab, fixing User Interface issues in the appearance menu, and more.


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“i think commit should be fine”

Latest Stats and Skills menu prototype with icons.




Working together with Harald, PTX has been mostly working on the new inventory feature and items in general in the recent past. Since there is no progression tree for equipment planned, all the items purchased in the in-game shop by spending Currency Points will have to be stored in an inventory. Creating functionality for it and designing a better usability is PTX’s primary task as of now.


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“at least you cant fire bows/crossbows whilst sprinting





There are quite a few European equipment pieces already available to be worn in the game, yet Eastern armor and weapons, strongly demanded by the community ever since the game’s launch, are somewhat lacking in the latest version. Thus, it was decided to focus on non-European influences for the time being, bringing us a couple of great looking armor created by Zimke.


The master historian himself revealed that we will see a diverse set of equipment inspired by Eurasian cultures from the European West to the Chinese East in the land of Jurchen, and presenting a few of his latest works this week. After finishing the Mongol Hooped Lamellar armor shown on Friday, Zimke started working on yet another lamellar, this time with the sources from Rus.


Dev quote

“Ever tried to eat aligator meat?”







Since emotes that were recently revealed are no priority at the moment, Logen has been tweaking some of the animations related to combat. First of all, after a couple of discussions and feedback from the community, a task to improve one-handed weapons’ attack animation was assigned to Logen and successfully completed.


Another important addition to the game is a new vertex animation for bows, which is being used while aiming and shooting. The new asset will definitely make ranged experience much more immersive and interesting.


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According to this page, Logen is “a man of few words”. Sorry.



Autobus has not yet been affected by Eastern influences and still continues to make a couple of more items for character’s head slot. A set of helmets from all around the Europe has been finished and presented in an interactive way, where everyone can look at every helmet from any angle and distance. Make sure to try it out yourself!


Another project in development is a light hood, which will certainly be found appealing to players who do not care about an amount of protection points their armor has, and prefer light equipment for mobility and speed or simply don’t find heavy armor suitable for their characters. Later, Autobus is planning to join Zimke and work on a couple of Eastern items, specifically weapons.


Helmets by Autobus –


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“spam is bad mmkay”


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