This Saturday, we’re showing a couple of animations from the game. Some are being used in the current version and some are awaiting the upcoming features to be finally added.




A Saturday dev frame showing the game’s map editor and making of a simple village is on my to-do list. The editor is currently being tweaked, improved, and patched with new features like a quick scale changes and an in-game ground painting, thus making map creation a bit tricky at the moment, so it was decided to make a tiny showcase of some of the animations that are being used in the game (or not) for today’s post.


With the switch to mp4 format from gif, it’s much easier to upload multiple animations in the same post, so there are likely to be more videos in the future dev frames. Expect that map editor post in one of the next Saturday’s updates!


By the way, if you want to ask some questions about the game or just chat, feel free to join our Discord channel or add me on Steam to talk privately 🙂


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Animation of running with a spear or a polearm.



Fairly new animation of running with a crossbow. The game hasn’t been updated with it yet, making characters run with stiff upper body.



Aiming with crossbow animation. There are still a few tweaks required for it to be considered finished, as the character’s left arm appears to be deformed while holding a crossbow like this. It will be fixed in the future of course, but such minor issues aren’t priorities right now.



A known animation of capturing a flag.



A death animation that’s getting played when a character is supposed to fall to the front.



A different death animation, although with a character falling to the front as well.



A currently unused idle animation of a character with his arms crossed. There are quite a few animations that are not used in the game, yet might appear in the future.


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