No critical issues with the planned features have been discovered so far, and the team continues to tweak what’s been done already and implement new features.




Dev day

  • Harald – Improving usability of some of the new features like the option that allowed changing your character’s voice not always applying and being misplaced, and starting working on a better way to update character’s stats, XP, and such in the database.


  • Zimke – Finishing the next equipment piece inspired by the 13th century East – Mongol Hooped Lamellar armor. Many cultural weapons and armor will eventually find their place in Of Kings And Men, from the West of Europe to Jurchen land in the East.


Dev quote


“we makes comments like this just because Pogosan might post them publicly”



A turntable of Zimke’s new Mongolian armor! It certainly doesn’t provide as much protection as a full lamellar body armor, but those pieces on top of a leather backing could save you from a couple of strong hits.


Edit: Sorry guys, spoke with Zimke again and found out that the new armor is, in fact, better than plain lamellar. Quoting the master craftsman himself: “armor has plates that overlap with lower plates and tall leather chunk in between”.


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