The new progression system is getting closer to its testing stage with more features being finished every day, and 3D artists are continuing the work on some of the Eastern equipment pieces.




Dev day

  • Autobus – Working on a cloth hood item that will increase the overall amount of light equipment for players that prefer speed over heavy protection.


  • Zimke – Making a new leather body armor that was usually used as a backing for the recently shown lamellar armor, but could also be worn separately.


  • PTX – Improving User Interface and usability of the new progression system by coding a search feature for equipment, adding an option to sell equipment pieces directly from the inventory, and working on other useful changes.


Dev quote


“no time for kuyaks”



Lamellar body armor was not the only Eastern item on the to-do list. Zimke has also been finishing this leather armor inspired by Mongolian culture and will finish it later today with a couple of improvements.





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