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Text Season 2 History written by the winner of season 1

Discussion in 'Community Content' started by Ferdnand, Dec 14, 2017.

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    Greetings, The Kings Men clan got a little History channel on Discord, ill just copy and paste it here for the public eye..

    King Ferdnand

    Yesterday season start: The Kings Men entered the new world, a barren kingdom that wants to be conquered. No time has been wasted, The Kings Men started to gather a army for the attack on Malbury
    The first marchin army is on the way to Malbury, we will arrive tonight, and hopefully we can attack the next morning... the first battle is near
    2. Dezember 2017
    Great misfortune has befallen upon us. Devolin, the artist and master painter has left our ranks. Dark clouds and a bad omen lies upon us. Lord Acri raises the battered banner of TKM once again on the walls of his castle.... "One more time my King....one more time... I shall bring you glory in times of war." he mumbles...while holding a necklace given to him by a daughter of a beggar.(bearbeitet)
    "forgive me, dear" - Acri
    King Ferdnand-02.12.2017
    Malbury.. the very first village joined The Kings Men, after a short fight with low resistance our heros claimed the townhall and plundered the wine storage. We promised the townfolks peace and low taxes in trade for a steady flow of troops to secure and conquer further land that once belong to us. Axilla, the loyal stableboy, brave knight Direwolf and our beauty princess Patata are only a few names to honor in the fight for Malbury... A good day for the king, and the kingdom
    3/12 diplomacy and bandits Today the Teutonic Knights marched on Weyfirth. This peaceful village had long been tormented by a group of bandits. As a token of a newly made agreement between TK and TKM, the King also sent a few capable soldiers to help them cleanse the village of this criminal scum, and bring some order to the countryside. Nothing hurts the trade of the land more than burning villages plagued by bandits, so the lords were eager to make such an agreement. Let's face it...no one wants to spend the winter without the warm lamb furs from the meadows of Weyfirth... or without the spiced wine from the vineyards and breweries of Malbury; that so gently stings in your mouth and warms your body. A similar deal was also struck between TKM and KoE. The soldiers marched towards the village while the bandits were not prepared for such a significant force. Even though they were outnumbered, they still tried to put up a fight. A few men from TK and TKM fell, but in the end the joined forces of TK and TKM quickly cut down any outlaw they saw in the village and took control of it with very few casualties. The villagers were grateful, and gladly accepted TK as their new lords.(bearbeitet)

    King Ferdnand

    The Kings men helped FCoR and KoE in their first attacks. together we marched towards Hockfirth, we didnt expect the massiv defense formed by TK and KC - we were not able to capture the village in time so we moved on to Eskburn...we won this one with KoE .. "Soon" the king said to his daughter. "..soon, we will march on Oldhammer Palace, tell the troops to get ready, patata!". Patata just left the throne room and closed the heavy door, when she heard the king singin a old song she knew very well..


    Days are passing by quitely, the kingdoms are preparing their troops for attacking the surrounded villeges to clean them from evil souls that didnt leave anything for the poor people, suddenly a crow fly by to me as i was leaving my dungeon, it was a great night, so much of acri's wine was spelled, i had bunch of peasants and couple of knights were enjoying their time with me, one of them "cough cough" jamiil, he was asking me to put the......... opsss .. anyways the crow had a letter telling me that the teutonic knights are marching on Eastbarn Hold to kill their so called "king" and restore that hold to its order, we shall lend them hand and march with them to a glorious battle.
    King Ferdnand-07.12.2017
    6/12 arrival at Oldhammer Palace... the castle looks empty, only some ravens on the walls.. a good sign? - we will see the next day.. its to late for a attack. We found a new friend on our way, the nobel mens of LSB agreed to work together with TKM, we sealed the deal with a giant barrel wine -one of the best my royal palate ever enjoyed- during the celebration: Lord Acri mumbled to Nibzy: "well, i tell u one thing, Nibzy! If LSBs fighting skills are half as good as their wine"Acri emptys his glass in one smooth motion "..then, we are lucky to have them on our side on the battle! More Wine, stableboy!!" "Indeed" Nibzys eyes wandering across the room before he continues.. "..and it looks like there skills to flirt with the girls aint bad either, .....are you still with Patata,.... Acri? A quick smile appeares in Nibzys face while he sees the head of his friend turns into deep red... "PATATAAAAA" was the last we heared from Acri that day, he rushed up, felt backwards and smashed his head on the table. darkness sloshed over the Acri...


    cough....cough.... the wine...the women....the music...where is everyone...? Oh god damn...it's battle day today.... curse this wine....curse this! My armor...where is it....where is my squire!?!? OK acri...focus...there is an emergency bottle under the firewood next to the fireplace. Get it. Take a gulp. And focus. .... Right....the armor...its in the armory of course...ready for me. They are probably waiting me at the camp already.... @AXiLLA, Master of the Horse fetch me horse! I ride to Oldhammer Palace tonight!

    King Ferdnand
    -letzten Freitag um 00:50 Uhr

    7/12 The Battle at Oldhammer Palace is fought. Once again The Kings Men holding the green banner on a castle! It wouldnt be possible without the help of all our allies, even the Crazy Berserker joined our ranks to fight for the king. Jamiil the Tactile stepped into the war tent, joining the council after the battle: "Some said they saw warrior of the Teutonic Knights defending Oldhammer... could it be true, dont we have a peace agreement with them?" A shadow wandered over the face of the king, his eyes fokused at the table, while he start to speak: "Peace is what i seek, but war is what i get... dont mind some lost souls fightin against us, Jamiil, we cant risk the peace... not now.. its Peasant-Season..." "Happy Hour i would call it" Sir Bot Lion said, and all started to laugh....
    King Ferdnand-letzten Samstag um 02:27 Uhr
    8/12 The March of the Peasants has began, slowly they fill the realm, ready to use the old M&B skills, tryin to block with the right mousebutton.. its beatiful to watch, i have to admit.. even if its not that many this season... Stalltt, an old bard told me the story one night in a dark tavern
    King Ferdnand-letzten Sonntag um 08:33 Uhr
    9/12 We reached Southbeech Fort, a total of 996 troops followed Lord Acris order and prepared for the siege. "I must excuse, my king" Acri said "I couldnt get more troops in time.. it seems that many free folks joined other clans.." "let me guess.." the king strave with a hand trough his mighty beard, while the other is resting on his huge belly "..they joined KoE, i heared about their dirty tricks to lure innocent men into their lair... but remember Acri, we are in peace, if our allys grow strong, we also grow stronger" Lord Acri kept a straight face and with a nod he agreed silently but in his mind he thought "Poor king, he believes that peace would last forever... so naiv... he really should stop eating half of the day, makes his brain weak... that fat old.." "Acri, are u listening? you look absent?" "Excuse me, mylord, my mind slipped over to the blond girl, u know the small one from the south.."
    Acri-letzten Sonntag um 09:20 Uhr
    "The Other kingdoms....yes...They grow impatient....more eager than I would have thought. As we take hold of our rightful lands, they grow less eager to help us...this cannot be right my king? Surely there must be something we can do.. "... during the next weeks lord Acri prepared his castle walls to an inevitable conflict. The land could never be at peace for ever. It is time....to start training our soldiers for battle... and it seems like it is He who shall do it. "Southbeech.... the men are already telling strange stories of it...empty halls and walls filled with an unknown army. I do not like this my king. It is a bad omen. * @AXiLLA, Master of the Horse .....bring me my horse!* and dont you dare to forget the saddle bag this time....the one marked with "the finest taste's from the highlands of Whitelamb" If you fail again, I will have your other ear as well.... Lets see if this haunted castle truly lives up to it's name!

    King Ferdnand

    10/12 Today, the march of the peasant found an end... tears filled the eyes of Peedeoo as the sun went down behind the mountains. "Graceful peasants... you granted me a positiv K/D... and a feeling of power, i hope i can join the next peasant season, the taste of victory was so sweet." We took over Southbeech Fort, there was nearly no resistance, most soldiers didnt even have to use their weapons. Sir Rapa Pott the Brave was concerned.. "Our swords are seeking the battle.... Sir Strapon, was it a whise decission of our King to go for peace? Dont get me wrong, i enjoy the peaceful time in the tavern, but... im a warrior, and so are the others, we want to fight for honor and .." "Dont question the Kings decission Rapa, i fought with him side on side during the dark ages... he knows what he does, and he is as bloodthirsty as you are! Just have a little more patience, young knight" "I hope you are right, Strapon. I heard we preparing for the next attack.... i really wish for a good battle."
    Patata-letzten Dienstag um 01:21 Uhr
    11/12 it was a very busy day for our kingdom and all the others. today was a glorious day for kingdom of england since they took in command their last village, drakoy's eyes were filled with tears after we all won the battle he waited for this moment for a very long time, he was able to free Lady Godiva from the hands of the devil that was occupying the castle, which he fell in love with her from the first sight but in the other hand the sweet lady didnt feel anything toward that poor drakoy..... but we might see something between them in the near future. Later that day soldiers have gathered to fight some of the cowards that flee the castle raid in different parts of the kingdoms, the asholes had a lot of archers it was a bit pain in the ass to fight but in the end the good guys always win. In the night time, back in the tavern, there was a bit of mess between some lords that ruined the night for others that were looking for some peace, they were arguing the approach of the battle, there was some bottles and chairs thrown away and crashed, the view of lord nemesis and his fellow lord kaktus raging was a sight not to be seen anywhere else, everyone was trying to calm them down but it didnt work well... i was too drunk to follow so im sorry i can't tell you more about it, i got to go now the king needs my service......
    King Ferdnand-heute um 03:39 Uhr
    12/12 more and more new clans appear on the realm, to name some, AMK, SN, DR, Wolves, Cerial withs water (a bad idea, it says in the clan description)... is this the beginning of a new age?.. ..meanwhile the fight between the veteran clans is getting a bit out of hand, this night endet in a big tavern brawl... again..(bearbeitet)
    13/12 The Kings Men went to help The Free Company of Ravensburg in the attack for Westswans Hold. Ramses, the leader of the Free Company (some like to call him Ramram, or Master of the Minions) gathered a strong alliance for this fight, and we won with superior numbers and skill. Ladsedge was the next goal on that day, a small army under the lead of Jamiil the Tactile charged the wooden walls of the village that day. It was a very good fight, legends where born this day... Payou the Brave, proud member of LSB, ill never forget how he went to flag in the last seconds, he was one with his sword, goin through 9 enemys like a wave, unstoppable... and with his last breath - he prevented the precious flag from recapping.. what a player!!
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