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Alliance Knights of Cydonia; mercenaries for hire

Discussion in 'Diplomacy' started by Ouki, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Ouki

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    Jun 20, 2017
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    Im sure as you all know, KC took some actions to make ourselves into a merc clan only and therefore will not be defending any of our current fiefs, so they are ripe for the taking if you so wish.
    However that is not what this post is about, as we take this new change in attitude towards the militari mode, and without any system in place to pay for our services we will be operating on a case by case basis in regards to hiring us for your battles as mercenaries.

    Anyone looking for our services must seek out our diplomat @Fox 12 hours in advance to give us time to prepare. Dont assume we will accept your proposal every time or will bring a load of players, we will let you know when you apply to us how much we can bring for that specific raid. Do not also assume that because we fought with you one day we will automatically fight for you again the next, if you wish us too, then resubmit the template below again. Each agreement lasts for that battle only and becomes redundant afterwards.
    To hire us, please contact fox with the template below and a reason as to why you need or want our help.

    Clan name:
    Date and time of battle:
    Name of fief:
    What side to sign up on:
    Voice communications platform:
    The minimum amount of men you require:

    Thanks for reading and goodluck to all clans!