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    Jun 20, 2017
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    • Guard – a well-built warrior guarding the fortress and the settlement. Can have either melee or ranged weapon equipped while idly defending a position or marching along his patrol route. If a player attacks any NPC in the area, guards will gather and attack that player until he’s dead. As a side note, killing NPCs is still a controversial topic in the team, so let us know what you think about it! "

    I think this is a great idea, I personally enjoy this feature in my favourite games. Please add imposed player killing in the game.

    Exhibit 1
    - Imposed Player Killing : Once a player has reached level 50 they are no longer safe under the "imperial edict" . Therefore they are subject to being attacked by other players.

    Benefits of player killing -
    As a killer:
    gain one piece of equipment on that player ( fir de lulz )
    gain some gold from killing (1-3g)

    As a victim:
    encourages clan play (revenge/protection)
    starts wars
    lose a custom weapon (gitgud)

    Exhibit 2
    Player Trade and the Black Market

    The Guildmasters - a hub where players access a black market trading system
    -Allow player trade of gold and items (gold for items, items for items)
    -Killers can sell stolen weapons only at black market
    -Players can request bounty (on a PK)
    -Killers can accept bounty (as a PK)

    PK in town -
    When a player becomes a PK (player killer) , they are marked signifying their guilt (imposed title "murderer")

    This title lasts for 32 Hours (cus cruel)

    If a PK goes into town with the title, all guards are alerted and attack him on sight.

    Guards attack when PK is in town or when player attacks NPC.

    PS - start contest for npc names ;)
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    Jun 25, 2017
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    Personally I don't wish for players to be able to farm, other lesser skilled players (like a lv 50 no title), and over a course of being stalked and continuously being mugged losing basically everything by like say, a lv 50 baron.

    Really that would be great way to get easy loot, and that would be insanely be overpowered, especially if they can initiate player attacks in the fortress, especially at the spawn zone.

    Think of spawning, off guard, logging first time of that day, at the spawn point, and you get beheaded by a camper and lose a vary rare specialty loot chest item and only thing at most he would have to do is outrun the already slow NPC's and easy to kill. or get into a glich spot, get a heavy crossbow, and learn where player exactly spawn and 1-shot most of them.

    Mean, it's one thing players can randomly attack you, another that they can rob a lv 50 no title of everything he has.
  3. Wrath of Mara

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    Jun 20, 2017
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    lol this is a business plan that gave Snail Games 100's of mililons of dollars by adding it to their game Age of Wushu. You're right losing items is harsh, but thats what would drive tighter knit clansl. also guards could be OP like 50 mov speed