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Discussion in 'Player reports' started by Blackout, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Blackout

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    Nov 15, 2017
    In-Game Class:
    1h Shield
    Your in-game name and the Steam profile link: Blackout
    Name of the offender and the Steam profile link: ((CraZEd BERSERKER))
    Time of the incident, region and game mode where it happened: 21:50 GMT on conquest - 10/12/17, 11/12/17, 12/12/17.
    Description of what happened: Repeated team hitting upon spawn and then following myself and others around the map, continuing to teamhit them.
    Players who can confirm it happening: JTB-Nemesis, Nibzy, King Ferdnand, Kitty Kat
    Proof :
    Photo 1 - shows what he looks like for referral to other screenshots and shows a "teamhit" at spawn.
    Photo 2 - here you can quite clearly see I have hardly moved from the spawn point
    Photo 3 - please note reduced health in bottom left as direct result of "teamhit"
    Photo 4 - please note again reduced health following "teamhit" while directly in spawn
    Photo 5 - this screenshot may appear misleading as it is quite late in the game and it is possible that I have been hit by enemies prior to the screenshot but please note the reduced health immediately following the teamhit.

    Kaandre or CraZEd BERSERKER has been banned 3 times to date, has had warnings on top of this and now has a total of 4 player reports on the forums, clearly indicative of the fact that he has no intention of following the rules at all which would seem to imply that the punishments are not severe enough. As is common knowledge, Kaandre also has a history of ban evasion, as he himself admits in the photo below which is now an offense resulting in a permanent ban. While this punishment was a result of his actions, I think it quite clearly demonstrates the fact that he has absolutely no intention of respecting any penalty given. Evidently, he does not and has never had any intention of abiding by the rules and plays the game solely for the purpose of trying to frustrate other players. Quite clearly he is not an asset to the community, if anything a liability, and therefore I would argue a fitting sanction be issued.
    Kaandre - Ban Evasion.png
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