Combat Basics of Basics Part 2

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    A feint is a cancellation of an attack into another. All is in the timing. A fast feint is usually done by releasing your attack then left click to cancel it then swing to the opposite side. this is done to disorient your enemy into blocking a false swing then getting hit from the other side. You can Also do a longer feint by releasing your weapon but cancelling it just before you can't cancel anymore then swing again from any side. This is what I call a perfect feint. From experience this works way more often but using it too much will cause the enemy to spam you with swing and you'll get hit.


    Weapon speed is a multiplier to your damage. With a spin in the same direction of your attack you give speed to your hit and therefor you gain more damage on your attack. It is sometime the difference between a glance or a successful hit. It also give less time to your opponent to react. Some weapon can do very nice tricks with weapon speed such as Spear or Glaive where you can slide your weapon while thrusting to add more damage and also a bigger hitbox to your weapon. So as you attack you should almost always give a little spin to help your attacks.

    HOLDING (stance lock)
    Holding is a way to be sure to do the right attack at the time you need it the most. People use it in advantaged fights so they have an attack ready to hit a player that got into your way by putting himself out of position. It is also used as another way to do a feint by Holding right or left and spinning a little your character to fake a swing then release when he tries to re-position himself from his block.

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