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dev frame: Whale’s dentist

More and more tasks are being finished prior to character progression testing. It will definitely require some time to develop, but coders are confident about the system. There are no issues with other development branches either, might even see some results […]


dev frame: Pecunia non olet

“Something went wrong” – is not how the day could be described! Everything goes according to plan. Coders fixed the issue that caused the new nightly version to appear unplayable, and conducted a few internal tests to make sure nothing […]


dev frame: What’s your level?

The final character progression meeting took place after yesterday’s dev frame publication! The system will require further discussion about different balancing issues and Epic integration, but design document is complete and approved by the team.


dev frame: Organize it

Organization of the workflow has been drastically improved since Thomek returned to the office in Belfast! Not that it wasn’t good before, but amount of tasks was causing troubles with setting priorities for the team members.


dev frame: Dances with Tests

The parties feature is coming along splendidly! A few more bugs have been found during today’s tests, and serr already managed to fix most of them. Just a little bit of time, and we all will be grouping with our […]


Weekly 4: Blade Balancer

Hope you enjoyed reading answers from our Q&A! Many events affecting the progress of the development took place this week. Firstly, new coder joined the team and Thomek returned to the office in Belfast, which means more tasks will be […]


Donkeys Answer 1

  We’ve been gathering your questions from every place possible – Steam, forum, Discord, and social media! After discussing the format we want the Q&A to be presented, we decided to answer the most frequent and the most interesting questions. […]


dev frame: The Pitch

The team had a lengthy meeting earlier today! The topic – progression system and customization. Character development is of the highest priority, being the very core of combat and gameplay.


dev frame: Return of the donkey

Coders are grateful for all your help with parties feature testing. Finding bugs has never been so easy! They are working hard on resolving them to deliver the next update as quickly as possible (some of them even code late at night).


dev frame: The glove of power

Zimke showed us brand-new mail gloves! His workstation had a few issues that were slowing down the process of equipment creation, but he already ordered the replacement. New works of art by Zimke can be expected in near future 😀