Author: Of Kings And Men


dev frame – Exploring Lands

Nightly with many new features has been released earlier this week, and live update is expected to come in just a few days. There is a new community event happening later next week, so make sure to sign up to […]


dev frame – The Season

Official trailer has been released earlier this week, starting a big sale! We’ll be releasing a new update with many tweaks and improvements in less than two weeks, and will be announcing a fun community event in a few days! […]


dev frame – Advanced Strategies

De Re Militari has been released, but there are many other features and mechanics that we will be adding in later updates. Some of them are already being implemented, so expect new nightly updates with various tweaks and improvements soon!


dev frame – Deep Exploration

  The new update became available this week, and you can now attack villages, castles, and other clans on the strategic map of De Re Militari mode! Wilderness is one of the features we plan to introduce in the future, […]


Changelog – 1.7.0

Prepare for war with your fellow clan mates, as De Re Militari is now released and awaits brave commanders to conquer lands on the strategic map! We will be releasing a new trailer soon, thanks to the community and clans, […]


dev frame – Capture and Hold

De Re Militari is now being tested on nightly and tweaked according to feedback. Live release is planned later next week and we’ll have another castle siege to get some additional footage for our new trailer!


dev frame – Stratember

Strategic Map has received a more suitable name and is planned to be released to our nightly testing server sometime next week! We would very much appreciate all the feedback about it to improve the mode before live release.


dev frame – Almost There

New update with the Raid Mode has been added earlier this week, bringing the Strategic Map even closer to release. It won’t be a month before the game mode gets implemented, so assemble your army and sharpen your weapons!


dev frame – Many Questions

This week’s dev frame has a little different format than usually. The Strategic Map feature is progressing nicely, and internal tests will be starting shortly, followed by public nightly tests that will be available for everyone to access.