dev frame – The New Beginning


dev frame – The New Beginning

The new update, being one of the biggest in the game to date, has been made available earlier this week! The second season of De Re Militari is now also live and welcomes all clan leaders and their members in new wars.




The Patch


The patch on Thursday introduced many new features and mechanics expanding on various sides of the game like De Re Militari map, but also adding completely new systems with features like onboarding and daily quests.


In case you had bad luck and experienced some issues on the day of the patch, we would very much appreciate it if you could make sure that they’re not present in the game anymore, as there was a quite big hotfixing patch earlier this Friday.


If it turns out there are more pressing issues found with the latest update, be sure that there will be further fixes implemented, but take a look at the current list of things that were fixed so far.


  • New US server Skirmish/Conquest battles should not instantly stop (with failed to matchmake error).
  • Fixed players being able to add a regiment of zero troops.
  • Fixed pressing “claim rewards” on a quest sometimes failing.
  • Fixed polearm quest not being completable with a polearm.
  • Improved performance of some of the new Skirmish maps.
  • Fixed collision on the Skirmish map (old duel level).
  • Fixed flag capture bar and movement freezing on Skirmish when players leave.
  • Made it clearer when a quest requires player kills.
  • Fixed Conquest/Skirmish assists not giving quest credit.
  • Fixed Polearm kills not giving quest credit.
  • Fixed Spear and Shield headshots not giving quest credit.
  • Fixed an issue where players wouldn’t be credited for Hold Your Ground wave completions even if they joined on the first wave.
  • Fixed an issue where melee quest objectives could not be completed against players using ranged weapons.
  • Fixed not being able to contribute to clan treasury from barracks twice in same game session.


Diplomacy and Strategy


The first season of De Re Militari proved to be quite simplistic in terms of diplomacy and war strategies , since clans didn’t have many choices in terms of allies and enemies. American and Australian regions ended up with only single winning clans, keeping diplomatic quarrels and wars quite low, while Europe, even though there were significantly more clans involved, turned out to be a region with only one war between two blocks of multiple clans.


As the second season started and introduced multiple new ways of waging wars on the strategic map, sides will likely be changing in the regions. If you had your doubts whether it’s wise to join the game mode yourself in the middle of action, the start of the second season is definitely a great opportunity to seize some land for yourself and establish your clan as serious force among other lords and kings.


Some of the clans that took part in the first season are currently negotiating and coming up with new treaties and strategies. Make sure you don’t end up without friends on the battlefield, as numbers are as important as your skill in the coming battles.


The first public treaty was recently announced by the past bitter enemies in the European region. The Kings Men and The Free Company of Ravensburg, who fought long and fiercely during the first season of De Re Militari, have agreed to remain non-hostile, at least for the time being.



Take a look at the official document, signed and sealed by Ramses and King Ferdnand, but first, make sure you read about this historic event as described by the captain of The Free Company of Ravensburg himself:


The downpour had drummed away at the tent for most of a day. The thunderous beat relentlessly continued, only masked by an equal rumble inside. Accusations of murder, mutilation and manslaughter had been shared, but also mutual remarks of respect. Respect for the fallen, respect for the bravery of the soldiers, respect for the manifest tenacity of both sides.

“Alas, this is what making peace sounds like” I thought to myself.

Amidst the occupants of the tent sat the stout King at his table. The contract layed out before him, its contents being discussed all around him. He seemed to be in a deep state of thinking, without minding the turmoil around him. What went through his mind right at that moment? I’ll never know. Was his dignity too hurt, or was he able to set aside pride in favour of peace?

Suddenly, an iron-mailed fist smashed into the table and ensured a silence. “We’ll do it” his deep voice rumbled with a somewhat German accent. Some mumbling followed. The King stod up, reaching his hand out towards me. For a moment I hesitated, but then grapped and shook his hand.

“Good! You there, boy, Sheenkie! Fetch me my quill and seal, I have a contract to sign!”



All the clans are also pushing forward to establish the borders around their strongholds by capturing neighbouring villages and castles, which are currently neutral in most cases. Remember, your inner fiefs will remain captured by you until the end of the season, since they can’t be attacked by your enemies! The first fief of the season, as could be have been expected, was captured the winners of the first season of De Re Militari – The Kings Men. As declared by King Ferdnand himself:


Malbury.. the very first village joined The Kings Men, after a short fight with low resistance our heros claimed the townhall and plundered the wine storage. We promised the townfolks peace and low taxes in trade for a steady flow of troops to secure and conquer further land that once belong to us. Axilla, the loyal stableboy, brave knight Direwolf and our beauty princess Patata are only a few names to honor in the fight for Malbury… A good day for the king, and the kingdom


Overall, the season continues and there are more neutral battles schedules to be fought in the coming days. Later, once most of the neutral fiefs are captured by the clans, big clan wars will begin inside the walls of the castles, on the outskirts of the villages, among tall trees in the forests, and on the seemingly endless fields.


Good luck to all the clan leaders and their members, and may the spoils of war be worth the man you will lose in the battles!


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