dev frame – The Rest and More


dev frame – The Rest and More

The nightly with all the features of the second season for De Re Militari is now available, while the live update is planned to be released later next week! We will appreciate all the feedback you have if you decide to check out the changes on the testing server, and will be fixing every major issue found.



Season winners


The second season of De Re Militari ended on Thursday and the stats have been calculated to reveal the winners! They will receive prizes worthy of the champions for fiercely fighting on the map to establish territorial domination. Take a look at the hall of fame below to see which clans will be forever remembered as the true winners of the first season!





The nightly with many new additions, second season’s features for De Re Militari and many other changes like fixes and small tweaks have been made available earlier this week! The next live update should be coming out sometime later next week, so there won’t be many other  changes in later nightly patches other than fixes. If you try the nightly now, you can get a general feeling of what the next update will be all about!


While most of the major changes have been discussed in previous dev frames, there are many other changes that were implemented by the coders. In order to keep those who aren’t that interested in testing in the loop, you can check out what all the other changes bring to the game and how they will affect certain things in the next update.


 Terra Incognita


The second season of De Re Militari doesn’t only bring new features and tweaks. The whole map is also completely changing, and while it doesn’t significantly affect the gameplay at the moment, different mountains and forests scattered around the land help keeping terrain fresh instead of forcing everyone to fight in the same place every season.


As mentioned earlier, the second season is also introducing ambushes, which will be fought either on an open field on in a forest, depending on where exactly  an ambush is happening on the map. Terrain changes and differently placed forests on the map will make sure that it’s a slightly different experience every season, even if clans will be spawning in relatively similar places as previous seasons.



Fiefs and Troops


Alongside all the big implementations coming with the update next week, there are also changes to the current design of the Militari mode. For example, in the first season clans spawned their strongholds with 4 fiefs close to their capital and 6 fiefs on the periphery, which resulted in quite a lot of work in order to start clan wars, since capturing all fiefs around a stronghold is a requirement for attacking further territories.


Because of the rule, some of the clans had a hard time starting meaningful conquests for a long time, so the second season of the mode is bringing a change to the system by changing inner fiefs to 2, while outer ones to 4.  The solution was previously suggested by Ramses and turned out to work quite well with all other features after some work by the game designer.



Obviously, reducing the total number of fiefs called for serious troop gain rebalancing, resulting in much higher gain per fief, but keeping the total close to the original. Now, capturing even a small village will increase troop gain much more significantly than before, while losing one will hurt a clan a lot harder than in the first season. With changes to how defensive troops work in fiefs, you will now be able to garrison them to get an advantage in a siege, so defend your land and protect your troop gains!


With the introduction of troop sharing feature, there are also further changes to troop gain balancing. Both troop gain from chests and First Win of the Day have been lowered to encourage team work and creating armies with multiple regiments instead of allowing every clan member to be effective while playing solo. With gain from alternative sources being lowered, troops from fiefs will become much more important, so try not to lose them!



Defend the Walls!


As requested by many members of the community in the first season, changes are coming to the system that determines how many troops each side of a battle receives. Currently, the system always works in favour of attackers, since defenders never actually put their earned troops into defence, therefore having much lower risks when it comes to sieges or village attacks.


While number of troops attackers have available during a battle is based on how many players actually joined a battle, number of defenders, instead of basing their troops on number of defenders, also based it on number of attackers. The change that’s being made in the second season is that both teams will receive as many troops as many players join their own sides.



Some players showed that they’re not exactly sure why the system that limits the number of troops exists in the first place, and there are a couple of reasons for it to be present within the design. The most important ones is that it greatly encourages clans to do their best at gathering players on their side, either from their own clan or finding allies from the outside.


Also, it makes sure that pointless battles where only a handful of players are present on one side won’t be taking too much time by having the smaller team have seemingly infinite number of troops. It simply wouldn’t be possible for them to be able to die so many times, making troop number not important.


Both in clan battles as well as neutral ones there will now be troop counts based only on their own teams, making battles more fair towards defenders and encouraging attackers to gain support of more players. If your clan is quite small, make sure you’re able to get enough players to fight for you by finding friends in other clans or asking unclanned players for help!



Better Wins (and defeats)


Another requested by the community change, while pretty small scale in comparison to other features, provides much needed information about Militari battles in a far more convenient format. The screen at the end of each siege basically only showed the number of loot chests you received for either winning or losing a battle, which didn’t really give any clear indication of whether your side won, as well as other important statistics.


With the next update, a new battle screen is coming with all of that and more! Make sure you check out the screenshot below of the new screen to find out about all the things it currently presents at the end of each battle. First thing, it obviously shows a type of a battle and whether you won or lost, since it’s the most basic information needed after every fought battle. Other interesting info shows total losses on both sides and your personal rewards of gold, XP, and all the loot chests gained in a battle.




Skirmish maps haven’t been changing for quite a while, which might have made the mode a little boring for those who spent hundreds of hours killing the enemies while trying to survive until the end of each round. With the update next week, a whole bunch of new areas are being implemented for Skirmish game mode! Some of the new areas are located on the current Skirmish maps, some use terrain of the other maps, mostly used by other modes, but there is also a completely new map in rotation!


The first map must be very well known to the most experienced players who played the game for a very long time. It is, of course, the old lake map, which was previously used with the Conquest mode. This time you’ll get to experience more competitive one-life battles among the hills and trees of this grassland! While there is currently only one area available on the map, we will be looking into allowing multiple Skirmish areas per map in the future.



The second map, while being used with the Conquest mode at the moment, introduces a completely new way of fighting to Skirmish. All current Skirmish maps are either located in open fields or forests, but the castle map will bring a new urban scenery to the pack. You’ll be able to ambush passing enemies from behind the walls or come up with other fresh tactics to win those battles!



The next map is actually already present in Skirmish rotation, but the area of the mode changed completely! It was also previously used as a Conquest map, so some of the community members must remember the hay stack and small houses surrounded by the trees. If you have hard time realizing which one of the Skirmish maps it is, check out the screenshot below!



Ever wondered what it would be like if it wasn’t necessary to request a duel on the old duel map, but instead it was possible to just kill the enemies? Wonder no more! You’re now free to slaughter your enemies inside and outside of the castle, or capture a flag to win a round if that’s your tactic.



Last but not least, the map that was never in Skirmish or Conquest rotation! It features quite a bit of land full of rocks and trees, with a watchtower standing in the middle. It is possible to get both inside and on top of the tower, allowing for very interesting tactical scenarios where players could hide inside the tower or capture the top and use it a good defensive position. Let us know what you think about it!



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