dev frame – The Art of War


dev frame – The Art of War

Second season of De Re Militari is just around the corner with many new features and mechanics! Don’t forget that the winners of the first season will be announced on November 23rd and the next season will be starting shortly afterwards.




Since the first season of De Re Militari is about to end and winners announced, new update with many additions and improvements for strategic map is also coming soon! A nightly testing with all the new things for the mode is planned to be released in about a week from now, and since there isn’t much time left until then, most of the things are already finished by coders, leaving only small tweaks and fixes for the next few days.


Many features and mechanics that are coming for the second season have already been revealed, but there haven’t been many details about some of them, while other smaller changes, like showing number of troops of your fellow clan mates, were left unmentioned until now.


In order to show an example of how the next season of De Re Militari will be played, take a look at this series of screenshots with detailed descriptions! They are showing new additions like intercepting enemy armies to ambush them, deploying garrison troops to defend a fief, and other interesting things related to the mode.




First thing to do when planning a strategy for your clan? Make sure you have enough troops to accomplish your goals! As suggested by Wombacher, troops of every individual clan member are now displayed in the clan list, so it’s much more convenient to check on your clan’s status, since it  currently requires you to personally ask each member about their troop numbers.



Once clan leaders make sure everything is in order with their troop numbers and plan their next strategic move, it’s time to select a fief for an attack. As you can see on the screenshot, the only option after selecting a fief is to choose your initial regiment size. That’s because the system for scheduling battles changed in order to support ambushes, which wouldn’t work with predefined siege times.


Instead, players now only select their army before marching, while time for a battle is selected only after they reach their objective! There could be dangers on the road like enemies intercepting your army on the way, and they will delay your initial plans for fief attacks, so plan ahead for such battles.



As soon as a target is selected and a regiment of troops is raised in the stronghold, every clan member will receive a notification on the map that an army is about to start marching out. Yes, armies are no longer moving out as soon as a castle or a village is selected. Since troops sharing will be included in the next update, other clan members will be able to contribute their troops to any friendly army that’s about to attack a fief, and will participate in marching on the map and every battle on the way.


It is still technically possible to attack alone of course, but it would require significantly more time in order to gain enough troops for a solo attack. Generally, a couple of clan members contributing to a single battle will be a usual occurrence.



While it is planned to allow free movement and personal garrisoning in friendly fiefs in the future, all attacks are currently initiated from your clan’s stronghold. As show in the screenshot above, once you click on your stronghold, there is a button Enlist Troops now, which allows to open a window to contribute troops to a departing army.



Once a button is clicked in the strongold’s menu, a new window will open with all information available about departing armies. In this case, there is only one attack currently being planned, which is a siege of Dalwell, and the army will leave the stronghold to start marching towards it at 10:39.


In this case, a player called memeproof is the original initiator of the attack, and he contributed 600 troops for the battle. It is possible for him to click on the number of troops he added to add more at any time until 10:39, since it’s the time his army will start moving out. The other player, called test, contributed 200 troops to the battle, and sees a similar window, but with his own troops highlighted.


As soon as it’s 10:39 on the clock, the army starts their movement on the map with all the troops that are contributed to it. The clan receives a notification and every clan member can see the army moving through the land.


Keep in mind that every other clan that has the area cleared out of Fog of War is also able to see the marching army! They can gain advantage by monitoring the map and will use the information to plan new strategies around the marching armies. For example, they could ambush your moving armies, as long as their ambushing army is able to catch up and intercept yours!



In order to show you the actions of the defending clan in details, we ought to switch sides for now. As you can see, there is an army marching on a peaceful village of Dalwell and it desperately needs a garrison to defend itself!


While fiefs have a very small number of troops always garrisoned, it’s always a lower number than a minimum enemies attack with, making it impossible to successfully defend a fief, but a little easier to put troops up for defence in desperate times. Make sure you always have players that have at least some troops to defend your fiefs, constantly attacking might be a good strategy in short term, but it could cost you your land!



A screen for deploying garrison troops is very similar to that of contributing troops to attacking army. 200 troops have been added for the defence so far, but it won’t be enough to withstand a massive attack by the enemy clan with their much bigger numbers!


There is only a limited number of battles clan members can contribute their troops to, which is also based on their personal titles, so having at least a couple of loyal players stationed in the stronghold during a war would be a very smart decision.



Whenever you click on an army that’s currently marching on the map, you will be able to see a window with different useful information. Number of troops and an estimated time of arrival is likely to be the most important for a clan that’s being attacked by a specific army, but other things might also prove to be beneficial to know.


For example, a number of regiments shows how many players contributed their troops to the battle. Knowing a total number of member of the attacking clan and roughly estimating their titles, you will be able to find out how many more battles that clan will be able to support.


Ambush! button is also present when clicking a moving army, which allows to start an ambush attack, resulting in a field battle and delaying the marching army. It is very risky to ambush incoming armies, since you will not have any fortifications or areas to defend, meaning that both you and your opponents will have similar chances of winning!



On this screenshot one of the armies started marching to intercept the attackers and engage in a field battle! Since it won’t be possible to move directly to a hex in the second season, the system calculates itself what should be the place and time of the interception.


In some cases there won’t be enough time to intercept an army on the map, so you have to plan ahead instead of waiting for the right moment, since an opportunity could pass and your ambush won’t happen at all!



A system for joining an ambush is very similar to how fief battles work. It’s listed in the battle scheduler as every other battle, and you can also click an army on the map to see the information about the upcoming ambush.


Once armies meet on the map, a field battle will happen either on a field or in forest, depending on where on the map armies are located at the time of the battle.



Ambushing army lost the battle, resulting in marching army having enough of their troops left for attacking Dalwell. While it’s not the perfect outcome for the ambushing clan, they surely did some damage to the enemies, ensuring that an upcoming fief battle will be easier to win.



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