dev frame – Open Field


dev frame – Open Field

New field map is introduced for De Re Militari ambushes, and multiple strategic choices for clans and their members are discussed in the dev frame! Also, Bizarre and Hideous contest is now over and the winner is revealed!



BAH! Winner


It’s been a week since Bizarre and Hideous votes were opened for you to choose the best contestant, and now it’s time to reveal who is the Mister OKAM Universe of 2017! There was a serious competition and leaders switched multiple times throughout the week, but we finally got the name of our winner!


Here is the latest chart using data from the poll on the voting page:

  1. Patata–  31.6%
  2. Wombacher – 26.3%
  3. Fox – 23.7%
  4. King Ferdnand – 13.2%
  5. Malecar – 5.3%


As you can see, Patata has been selected by the people as the Mister OKAM Universe and will be rightfully rewarded with big prizes, such as an XP bonus, a sack of gold, and, most importantly, a full mail coif to hide his hideous face, which can only be obtained from the royal chest. The rest of the contestants will receive a small participation prize of 5,000 XP each, since, frankly, they were all incredibly ugly on that catwalk.


If by any chance you missed the BAH! Contest video and haven’t seen the beauty of the event’s participants, you can check it out here!




Strategic Advantage


The next game update will introduce multiple new options for clans when it comes to global strategies and making choices on the map. While current options are very limited and don’t allow doing more than simply attacking villages and castles, new features will expand on that list to make the mode more diverse and interesting to play for both clan leaders and their members.


The first new thing, which has already been revealed in the previous dev frame, is ambushing passing armies. It will allow to attack any army that’s marching on the map, as long as there is enough time to catch up to it and intercept their movement. Clans will be able to delay attack on their fiefs, kill enemy troops outside of their villages and castles, ambush armies that are targeting the same fiefs as them, and so on.



While ambushing another army, a player that initiates an an attack will not be able to ambush another army or attack a fief until a field battle is over. It will unlock a deeper level of strategy, since clans will have to prioritize their action and make sure that there are enough members and troops to act efficiently on the map. Choosing whether to ambush an incoming army or let them attack a fief to have an advantage of walls and other fortifications will not be the only dilemma that will be occurring in the second season of De Re Militari.


Another incoming feature that’s been mentioned before, but not properly announced is troops sharing. That new mechanic will provide a new option for clans, which is combining troops in order to attack a targeted objective. While it will still be possible to attack alone, just like it currently works in the game, troop gain will be significantly reduced, so it will take quite a lot of time to create a big enough army for any attack.



Instead, clan members will now be able to contribute their troops to a departing army, essentially creating a single big army made out of multiple smaller military units. Implementing troops sharing will bring much more meaning to cooperation on the map, since clan members will have to be active when one of them starts marching towards a fief in order to send their troops with the attacking army.


While it will be possible to contribute troops to more than one army at a time, which will be very useful when a clan is in the middle of a war and is attacking multiple objectives at the same time, number of battles a player can send their troops to will be limited by their titles. Basically, the more experienced your character is, the better commander he is on the strategic map, meaning that a number of different regiments sent can be higher.



As you can see, fight for fiefs will not be the only available strategic option in De Re Militari anymore. The mode will become much more interesting by providing multiple options to each player, while also increasing depth of the bigger picture for clans and their leaders.


De Re Militari will continue to improve with more features and mechanics introduced over time. Expect resources provided by fiefs, vast economy in the lands, equipment for armies, and much more in the future! If you have suggestions for the mode, please use our feedback page!




Field Trip


Since it was already announced that ambushes are coming in the next game update, it’s obvious that a new map will be released as well! While field battles imply that there are no fortresses or villages around, a map for such battles still needs to be designed properly to make sure tactical decisions make sense on the battlefield, and that both attackers and defenders are equally advantageous on their sides.


The map itself is an open field, since that’s where battles of this type will take place on De Re Militari map as well. Even though there are no specific objectives to capture, you, as a commander, will have many options when it comes to tactics and winning field battles. While the map is quite literally a field, there is plenty of space to do maneuvers and gain superiority on the battlefield.



Your troops could attack from both flanks by splitting into two groups, stay and defend a base from the enemies to make sure they won’t go around, and so on. There is also a broken caravan located right in the middle of the map. While it doesn’t provide much cover from any side, it could still be used while planning a battle.


Since neither side is specifically attacking or defending any objectives, the rules of the battle will be slightly different from those during castle sieges or village attacks. Obviously, there will be no intermediate flags on the map to capture, since there are no special points of interest that either side would be interested in capturing and holding, which means that the only flags around would be two bases used by each side.



It brings us to the second change, which affects battles quite significantly. While attackers will still be able to either kill all defenders or capture their base, essentially making defenders flee from the battlefield, defenders, in addition to killing attackers and winning by time, will also be able to capture the base of the attacking army, also making them flee.


The idea behind the change is to make both sides as equal as possible, since neither have preset objectives to capture, making them “attackers” or “defenders” only because one of the sides was the initiator of that battle. It will make it pretty risky for clans to ambush incoming armies, since there will be a serious chance of losing a battle with more ways for defenders to win, but winning might not always be the goal of a clan, since depleting the enemy of troops by small attacks could also be a viable strategic choice, even while sending own troops to certain death.




Do Quests Everyday


Quest system that’s been announced a few weeks ago is now officially available on our nightly server! Feel free to explore how it functions and what new experiences it brings, and let us know if you find any issues with the new feature or if you have interesting suggestions on how to improve the quests.


Once you start the game for the first time, the quest system will provide you with a number of onboarding quests, which are aimed at new or less experienced players. You will be asked to kill some bots in different game modes like duel, Arena, and Hold Your Ground, and also complete more demanding quests like killing with specific bow or a melee weapon type.



Those quests are there to show new players around the game, what game modes are available, and to generally expand on tutorials, since current ones are mostly focused on different combat styles, and not the game as a whole. If you’re not a new player and don’t wish to do obvious things for small rewards, you also have an option to simply skip the onboarding quests from a quests settings menu, located in barracks.


When you finish or skip onboarding quests, daily quests will unlock. There are multiple sets of quests available, each with five difficulties and various objectives to complete. For example, the first level of one-handed weapons quest would only ask to get a few assists and deal a little bit of damage, but in order to complete the last level, you would need to kill multiple enemies while in the air, and do other things like killing enemies with stabbing attacks or blocking with your weapon.



Each day you will be given a set of five quests with different difficulties, so while you could complete very easy quests in just a few minutes of playing, more difficult ones could take even more than an hour to finish. Keep in mind that the most difficult quests will be unlocked only once you retire at least once!


Quests are obviously not required to be completed in order to play the game as usual, they’re mostly there to add a little edge, since you will often be given quests that require you to use equipment you usually don’t use or perform actions that are very risky in a fight. Quests should also provide some more meaning to battles outside of Militari and casual game modes like The Arena and Hold Your Ground.


Check out what Kingdom of England did in the lobby! Literally dying for art.


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