dev frame – The Ambush!


dev frame – The Ambush!

Ambushes and field battles are coming in the next update for De Re Militari and the winners of the first season of the game mode will be revealed within less than three weeks!



Bizarre and Hideous!


We all had great fun during the BAH! – Bizarre and Hideous contest last week, and now it’s time to vote for your favorite contestants! Whether it’s his face, the way he walked on the catwalk, his stylish clothing, or all of this together, feel free to choose whoever you like the most!


The footage from the event is available in the new video, and you’ll be able to see every participant again to do the right choice when voting.


Also, share the video with your friends and clan mates, so more votes can come to make it more exciting and challenging!


To vote, simply go to this forum thread and pick the contestant in the poll –



The end of the season


As mentioned in the past, De Re Militari will be split into seasons that end with a full map reset in order to maintain interest and make sure the game mode isn’t stalled by bigger clans dominating all the territories. Since the map gets reset and allows for changing the rules of the mode, new seasons would also mean that big changes are coming to Militari mode.


While seasons will likely be taking several months to finish, the first one will be quite a bit shorter, since there are many things that need to be added to the mode, and making everyone wait for a month or two more could make things a little boring. With that in mind, it was decided to end the season by the end of the month, while releasing a major update with many new additions and changes to the mode!



The update and a reset will come at the very end of November, but the winners of the mode will be decided on November 23rd to make sure there is  enough time to give all the prizes to rightful winners!


The winners of the first season of De Re Militari will be clans in each regions with the biggest number of owned fiefs, but only if they own at least 10, which a number of inner and outer fiefs of your own stronghold. The prizes will include unique items that will only be given to the winners of the first season and will never appear in shop, as well as a place in the hall of fame, so all generations of the future will know their heroes!




It’s a trap!


Since the second season of De Re Militari is approaching, there will be many changes to the mode that include tweaks and improvement, as well as new feature and mechanic additions. Some of them, such as reworked upkeep system and troops returning after battles, have already been revealed in previous dev frames, but some are yet to be unveiled from the shadows of mystery.


One of those things that is coming in the next patch is a new feature of ambushes! It will bring a much deeper meaning to traveling to fiefs by creating a possibility of other armies ambushing your troops on their way to a targeted fief, will expand on strategic options by allowing to ambush approaching armies, and will make fights more diverse by introducing open field battles!



In short, ambushes are battles that players can schedule by attacking an army that’s currently moving on the map, which also implies that armies will now be visible within your uncovered fog of war, making capturing distant fiefs even more desirable, since it will allow to spy on every army that moves close to it. Make no mistake though, spreading your fiefs too much around the map will make it much more difficult to defend against enemy forces!


Ambushing an army might be beneficial for multiple reasons. For example, attacking an army that is approaching one of your fiefs to delay their attack and make sure your clan mates get ready for a siege in the meantime, ambushing an army that is marching towards a fief your clan wants to attack to make sure they don’t capture it first, and so on.



Once your army reaches an enemy, you will be given an opportunity to schedule a battle at a desired time slot, just like any other battle, whether it’s a castle or a village. Their army will be stalled and will not proceed to move until a battle is finished, so it’s a good way to keep someone from attacking for a short period of time. Keep in mind that you send your own troops to start an ambush, so it’s as risky as having a fief battle, and could lead to great losses, since you won’t have a benefit of fortified structures like castle walls or buildings.


Also, while you’re block the enemy from moving, your own army will be blocked by the ambush as well, so it’s not always a straightforward decision to ambush every army that’s moving close to your fiefs! Another thing to consider is when to schedule a battle for, since while you will stall the enemies for a longer period of time by scheduling a battle a long time from intercepting, it will also mean that they will be able to gain support from more players on their side.



When the time to fight comes, your battlefield will be an open field, so it will be extremely important to keep your men together by having active commanders, using formations while fighting, and generally being very tactical when it comes to attacking and defending. Since there will be nothing specific to capture on the field, fighting and killing the enemies will be the main objective of ambushes, making them quite unique compared to castle sieges and village battles.


Once free movement is introduced later in the future, planning ambushes and field battles will become even more strategic, since it will be possible to patrol the land, get an army stationed to defend an important passage, move around fiefs to distract the enemies, and do other things on the map.


The update will come shortly after the winners of the mode will be rewarded on November 23rd, so it’s not a long time until your first ambushes! The patch will bring field battles described above, but also other things like troops sharing mechanic, improved upkeep system with clan treasury, and other changes and improvements.


Mail Coifs


Since it’s currently not possible to choose your own coif for a helmet, and many players seemed to find a linen coif not very suiting for medium and heavy armour, it was decided to change all the coifs worn with helmets to mail for the time being!


While we’ll try to make sure that it’s possible to equip a coif of your choice with any helmet in the future, the change should make helmets generally stronger and make them look more authentic, considering that many players rarely wear less armour than a mail shirt.


Have a look at the screenshot of helmets with mail coifs and let us know what you think!



Full Treasury


The new upkeep system featuring clan treasuries and other changes like a weekly paying system and removal of stronghold destruction punishment is about to be finished and will be included in the update that’s coming in a few weeks from now!


Take a look at some of the menus used in the new system, and if you’re not aware of the changes to the upkeep mechanic, make sure you check a previous dev frame where it’s explained in details –



In case a clan has insufficient amount of gold in their treasury a few days before the system is supposed to take the coins from the chest, all clan members will be notified about the issue, and will be asked to contribute to their clan’s treasury in order to keep playing on De Re Militari’s map.



If a clan member agrees to contribute to the treasury, a new window will open providing some of the information about the clan, a total upkeep that needs to be paid by the end of the week, and how many coins have been contributed so far by other members. To contribute, a player simply needs to put an amount of gold into a “Gold Amount” field and click Contribute.



Since clan members might want to help their clan with some gold even before there is a warning shown by the system, it’s possible to do from Militari screen itself by clicking on your clan’s stronghold. The same information about a total upkeep and amount of gold in treasury is also shown there.


You can also see multiple armies moving on this screenshot, but that’s a part of the new upkeep system!



Sad days come if a clan fails to pay their collective upkeep by the end of each week. Instead of losing a stronghold completely like it is at the moment though, such clan will simply not be allowed to schedule any new attacks on the map and will not receive any troops from the fiefs until their upkeep is paid. The system also conveniently shows the time when it will be possible to act on the map again.


If you have any more question about the new upkeep system or any other changes that are coming in the next Militari update, feel free to ask them on our Discord or forums! Also, if you have suggestion concerning any aspect of the game, the feedback page is always opened!


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