dev frame – Paying Gold


dev frame – Paying Gold

Next update is planned to bring multiple major changes to De Re Militari, many of which were suggested by the community. Troop sharing will be implemented, troops will safely return to their commanders after battles, and the upkeep system will be completely redesigned, which is discussed in detail in  the dev frame!



Your Treasury


Since the community didn’t particularly like the upkeep system currently used in the game for being quite harsh on bigger and even medium sized clans, and also the process of paying it not being clear enough, we’ve decided to redesign the feature all together, and create a more logical system, which is based on actual strength of a clan on the map, rather than a number of members in it.


While there are many changes in the system, the core of the feature changed completely as well. Once the new upkeep system is implemented, clans won’t be forced to pay a higher upkeep with more members in the clan. Instead, the amount of upkeep clans need to pay will be increasing each time a new fief is conquered by that clan on De Re Militari.



It will allow even very big clans to make a living, assuming not every single member of a clan is an extremely experienced player, which would easily make them the strongest on De Re Militari map. Small clans that consist of only very good players and do well strategically, however, will have to keep being very active in the game, so they’re able to maintain their ability to play on the strategic map.


It brings us to another change in the system – how the upkeep is being paid and consequences of not paying it. Current mechanic used to punish clans that don’t pay their upkeep is very harsh, since it destroys a clan’s stronghold after 14 days of not paying an upkeep at least by one clan member. While it might have been a very effective mechanic to make clan members pay their set upkeep, it wasn’t scaled very well for each player, since everyone had to play for the same amount of time every day to keep up.



A change that is being brought in with the rework of the feature will introduce a completely new system for paying a clan’s upkeep. As suggested by many players in the past, a clan treasury will be implemented, which will hold all the coins clan members put into it collectively.


We noticed that there is a rather big number of players who would like to remain a part of a clan, but cannot keep up with the top players in their clan in terms of playing enough to pay their upkeep daily. The treasury is designed to solve that issue by not forcing individual players to pay, but to make payment optional for each clan member. However, the clan as a whole will be responsible for paying their collective upkeep, so while a single player won’t have to pay it, someone else will!


Every clan member will have an option to put any amount of gold they want into their clan treasury, and the upkeep will be paid automatically at the end of each week, using the coins from a clan’s treasury. Clan leaders will have to make sure there is enough in the treasury by the end of a week, and in order to help them encourage their members to pay, it will be visible how much coins each clan member put into their treasury.



The change will mean that if a clan chooses to keep less active members in their midst, who cannot pay the same amount as other members, other more active players will have an ability to pay more and cover for their friends. It will be optional of course, so each clan and their leader will be able to choose whether they wish to help not as active players or would rather have every member as active as possible, and contributing the same amount of currency for the clan. 


There are some other minor changes in the design, but the last big overhaul in the upkeep system is what happens when a clan fails to pay their upkeep. With all other changes, it will be quite easy to see how much more coins need to be put into treasury for an upkeep to be paid at the end of a week, but there still might be situations when a clan doesn’t have enough, even with every member putting all their gold in.



In that situation, current mechanic would destroy that clan’s stronghold and they would have to create a new one on the map, which is a very serious punishment. The new design will change the consequence, while still creating a strong disadvantage for a clan that technically goes broke. If after a week a clan doesn’t  have enough coins in their treasury, their members will not be able to initiate any attacks for the entire next week.


It will still be possible to defend in case another clan attacks one of their fiefs, but new conquests will not be possible, and any other offensive or beneficial for a clan actions will not be allowed until an upkeep is paid the next week.


Keep in mind that it’s still only a design, and some minor things might change after implementation, testing, and gathering feedback from players that decide to try the new feature on nightly! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the original upkeep system, and feel free to suggest other changes to De Re Militari!



Doing Quests


One of the things that is currently being planned to be implemented is a system of quests! Don’t confuse them with missions in wilderness discussed in previous dev frames though, those are not related in any way!


At the moment, there are two different sets of quests being designed and developed. The first set will provide guidance for new players that are not familiar with the game, and the second one will be interesting for more experienced players, who would like additional objectives in the game.



The way it works right now, is that after finishing a tutorial, new players are thrown into the game without any additional help or tips, and Of Kings And Men has multiple systems within the game that are not as straightforward as some other games, making it pretty hard to get accustomed to all the features available from the very beginning.


Onboarding quests will be there to help! Each one of those will ask new players to do something for a small reward, and will guide them towards it either with UI or just in the game. For example, there could be a quest to kill an easy bot, to join Hold Your Ground and finish the first two waves, or a quest to create a new battle in the battle scheduler. Players will then get some loot chests or just XP for quests that are easier.



We’ve been developing more and more features for the players that are already familiar with the game, and each new system made the game more complex and hard to understand, so the new addition of onboarding quests will hopefully make starting up in the game an easier process.


Using similar mechanics, but having different goals, there is also the second set of quests on the way! While completing onboarding quests will remove them from your quest list, new daily quests will be renewed every single day with more objectives to complete!



Each player will have their own quest every day, and whether a quest is complete or not, a new one will be created by the system every 24 hours. Quests will be based on the features that are already available, so new players will have an additional reason to explore different game modes and aspects of the game, while more experienced players will hunt for rewards given for completing them.


For example, a quest could be to kill 30 bots in Hold Your Ground, to kill 10 players with a spear, to participate in a round of Skirmish and win it, and many other types of quests. To add to the new feature, there will be different stages of quests, unlockable with retirement. The higher your generation is, the harder quests will be available to you, which also means that better rewards will be provided, but you will have to work really hard to finish it within only 24 hours.


The system will be rather simple to understand and will make sure there are always interesting objectives to complete for some bonuses like loot chests. If you’d like to suggest quests for the new system, please use our feedback website to allow the community to discuss and vote on their favorite suggestions!


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