Changelog –


Changelog –


Main changes


Exploring Lands


A huge explorable area has been added for The Arena mode instead of a closed space! You’re now free to do whatever you want when you visit the vast territory, since you’re not forced to capture chests anymore, and the rules of the mode allow for Free For All between each player.


The area has many villages with farms and fields, watch towers guarding them on hills, lakes with fishermen huts nearby, and many other things to see when wandering around! You still have an option to fight over treasure chests inside a  fortress in the middle of the map, but could easily leave and organize your own events or just fight with players passing by.


There is a whole dev frame about some of the things you could do in the new arena –


  • Added a big explorable map for The Arena.




Practice Duels


Many players were asking for a flatter area in the lobby to practice with their friends and just duel for fun. The fortress has been expanded quite a lot to allow it, so there is a new big area just outside the castle!


If you’d like to see other zones in the lobby, please let us know on our feedback website! The map has been designed to make changes more convenient, so it won’t be an issue to provide more expansions for the fortress in the future.


  • Added a dueling area outside of the lobby fortress.




Defend the village


One of the major issue with battles in De Re Militari has been a system for joining Defence side for neutral fief battles. The problem occurred when a player signed up for defence, but couldn’t come to the battle, leaving a slot in his team empty, while no one else could join instead of him.


Even when there were teams full of players according to the battle scheduler, there were usually fewer of them on defending side, since attacking commanders could easily choose players who confirmed they’re coming, and it wasn’t possible for defenders.


The system has now been tweaked to allow every player to join defence of a neutral fief as long as there is a free slot after preparation time. If you sign up to defend a neutral village or a castle, please make sure you join before that battle starts or someone else will likely take your spot!   


  • Added a system for joining neutral defence when signed up players don’t show up.





Combat changes


Draw your sword


While we’re planning to allow a much more versatile equipment system and introduce a free choice for melee weapons used by bow and crossbow users, a sword has been introduced for ranged players instead of a short axe. Some of the ranged users raised concerns that there is no way for them to defend in melee if a sneaky enemy rushes past a front line.


The axe used to be simply too short to be viable, so the only choice left was running away, making it boring for both an archer and his enemy. Now there is a possibility to hold the enemy long enough for friendly melee soldiers to come to your aid.


  • Added a sword as a melee weapon for ranged.




Small improvements


Informing soldiers


One of the much requested additions for De Re Militari battles was to implement text fields that are visible to players who would like to participate in those battles. There are two different text fields added, each with different intention and visible to different players.


Sign up text can be seen at the moment of signing up for a particular side. Battle commanders are free to put any text in there, so potential soldiers can be informed. For example, it could ask to join a voice channel before a battle to be accepted.


Team text is for a more private information that shouldn’t be seen by the enemy team. It could be used to inform the team about a tactical plan for the battle, ask players to fight with specific equipment sets, or anything else. 


  • Added text fields to share information with players who sign up and get accepted.




Joining battles


In order to make scheduling battles on De Re Militari map more convenient and create a better system for battle commanders to accept players who actually intend to join their battles, there was a set of additions implemented in this update as well.


Players can now sign up for a battle no matter how many players are accepted, so it’s always possible for battle commanders to choose whoever is more likely to join. To further help them with selecting their warriors, each players now also has a personal attendance stat, showing how many battles they joined and how many times they signed up and didn’t come. An icon showing if a player is online has a similar purpose. 


  • Added an option to sign up for a battle even if a team is full.
  • Added attendance stats for each player.
  • Added a feature to see if a signed up player is online.




Maintaining a fortress


The upkeep mechanic has been a little bit confusing for some players, since there is no tutorial for it in place at the moment. We will be completely reworking the system to make it much easier to understand and use, but we’ve also implemented small tweaks to improve it for now.


First, the upkeep rate has been changed slightly, so medium sized clans can pay a smaller amount per member. Larger clans will be paying around the same amount though, so it’s mostly a change for moderately sized clans. The second change is a more convenient way to see how much a clan members needs to pay in order to get out of their debt. It’s now visible on the clan members list.


  • Tweaked upkeep rate to lower it for medium sized clans.
  • Added a number of days since debt and amount of upkeep left to pay.




Easier clans


As suggested by the community, there are some changes related to clans and UI of the barracks in order to make it cleaner and easier to use. Clans can now be filtered by region, so you can check only the ones you’re interested in, instead of always seeing every clan in the list.


The other two changes are a bit smaller, but should help new players understand the system better. A link to the forums where a custom heraldry can be uploaded has been added to the menu, and a notification about a 7 days ban on joining clan is now visible whenever a player leaves a clan.


  • Added a region filter for clans.
  • Added a link to custom heraldry page when selecting a clan banner.
  • Added a notification about a 7 days clan joining ban. 




Instant scheduling


By request of many players, scheduling of conquest and skirmish battles has been slightly change to allow creating new battles instantly, assuming there are no battles currently happening in the region. Instead of having to wait until the next slot to start playing, there is now an option to start a battle instantly.


  • Added an instant scheduling for battles if there are no battles present in the slot.




Militari buttons


Some improvements for De Re Militari’s UI and the map have been made to create a better experience for every player participating on the strategic map. There are multiple changes that should make viewing the map and joining battles much more straightforward and fix some issues with players not understanding how the system works.


  • Added a menu option to view other Militari regions.
  • Added an option to join Militari battles from the map itself.
  • Added a countdown to the map when a battle is about to begin.
  • Improved player count sync for Militari battles.
  • Added a resume button to Militari.




Improving UI


More general User Interface changes have also been implemented in order to increase readability of the barracks and other menus in the game. Many of them are designed to guide new players after joining the game first time, since we’ve noticed that some of inexperienced players have hard time finding out what each menu and game section does.


Smaller tweaks to UI like showing names of the modes in the lobby when looking at the icons and fading the chat overtime to make screen cleaner have also been introduced. If you have similar suggestions to improve the game, please let us know on the feedback website!


  • Added a UI onboarding for joining the lobby.
  • Added a highlight for loot chests window when there are loot chests to open.
  • Added an explanation for Battle window.
  • Added mode names for icons in the lobby.
  • Added chat fading out if no new messages are sent.




Battle tweaks


A couple of things within De Re Militari battles have been tweaked. The first one is meant to improve how visual zooming in works when spawning, making it look much better every time you spawn in a battle. The second change does multiple tweaks to the announcement system you see when playing militari battles, such as capturing flags, asking for aid at a certain flag, and so on.


  • Improved zoom in camera when spawning.
  • Improved announcements in militari battles; Capturing flags, etc.




Bug fixes


  • Fixed players sometimes joining wrong sides on Militari battles.
  • Fixed options screen not showing while in game.
  • Fixed Esc menu keeping a bow drawn.
  • Fixed good/bad block sounds not playing for one-handed with shield.
  • Fixed duel bots getting stuck together.
  • Fixed gear not showing automatically when speaking to merchants.
  • Fixed flag icons sometimes not showing.
  • Fixed placement of roads on the minimap.
  • Fixed camera panning in Conquest.
  • Fixed bot names on The Arena being visible.
  • Fixed small text inconsistencies in barracks.
  • Fixed team hitting being allowed in preparation of HYG.
  • Fixed The Arena rejoining sometimes kicking players.
  • Fixed occasional instant respawning in The Arena.
  • Fixed chest opening not being interrupteb by other players.
  • Fixed Arena deaths not being counted.
  • Fixed Militari intro message clicking through.
  • Fixed abusable house next to flag O on village.
  • Fixed the church being accessible on village.
  • Fixed wrong timeslots being displayed when a raid is in progress.
  • Fixed not being able to schedule a new raid right after one is finished. 


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