dev frame – Exploring Lands


dev frame – Exploring Lands

Nightly with many new features has been released earlier this week, and live update is expected to come in just a few days. There is a new community event happening later next week, so make sure to sign up to get a chance to win big prizes!


Knowledge Base


There is a new feature on our feedback website, which allows to find useful information and answers to the most frequently asked questions. Knowledge base will be continually expanded with more articles, and we would appreciate if you could let us know what in your opinion is worth putting into it!


Please keep in mind that only the most useful information should be located in the knowledge base, since too many articles about various things that are not as important would quickly make the page messy, and articles hard to find.


If you’d like to write your own articles for the knowledge base, feel free to post them on the feedback website with Knowledge Base Post topic type. Accepted articles will be posted in the knowledge base and credited, so players know who to thank for information they needed!



Nightly Update


Knightly update with quite a lot of additions, tweaks, and improvements has been released earlier this week. It would be very helpful for the development if you could check out the new things and let us know what you think!


Here is the full list of changes so far, so you don’t have to search for things you’d like to try:


Changes to maps

  • Added a big explorable map for The Arena.
  • Added a dueling area outside of the lobby fortress.


Changes to battle joining system

  • Added a system for joining neutral defence when signed up players don’t show up; It’s now possible to join after preparation phase if there are free slots.
  • Added text fields to share information with players who sign up and get accepted.
  • Added an option to sign up for a battle even if a team is full.
  • Added attendance stats for each player.
  • Added an instant scheduling for battles if there are no battles present in the slot.
  • Added a feature to see if a signed up player is online.


Changes to clans

  • Added a region filter for clans.
  • Tweaked upkeep rate to lower it for medium sized clans.
  • Added a link to custom heraldry page when selecting a clan banner.
  • Added a number of days since debt and amount of upkeep left to pay.
  • Added a notification about a 7 days clan joining ban.


Changes to De Re Militari

  • Added a menu option to view other Militari regions.
  • Added an option to join Militari battles from the map itself.
  • Added a countdown to the map when a battle is about to begin.
  • Improved player count sync for Militari battles.
  • Added a resume button to Militari.



General changes

  • Added a UI onboarding for joining the lobby.
  • Added a highlight for loot chests window when there are loot chests to open.
  • Added an explanation for Battle window.
  • Added a sword as melee weapon for ranged.
  • Added mode names for icons in the lobby.
  • Added chat fading out if no new messages are sent.
  • Improved zoom in camera when spawning.
  • Improved announcements in battles; Capturing flags, etc.
  • Removed bot names from The Arena.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed options screen not showing while in game.
  • Fixed Esc menu keeping a bow drawn.
  • Fixed good/bad block sounds not playing for one-handed with shield.
  • Fixed duel bots getting stuck together.
  • Fixed gear not showing automatically when speaking to merchants.
  • Fixed flag icons sometimes not showing.
  • Fixed placement of roads on the minimap.
  • Fixed camera panning in Conquest.
  • Fixed small text inconsistencies in barracks.
  • Fixed team hitting being allowed in preparation of HYG.
  • Fixed The Arena rejoining sometimes kicking players.
  • Fixed occasional instant respawning in The Arena.
  • Fixed chest opening not being interrupteb by other players.
  • Fixed Arena deaths not being counted.
  • Fixed Militari intro message clicking through.
  • Fixed abusable house next to flag O on village.
  • Fixed the church being accessible on village.
  • Fixed wrong timeslots being displayed when a raid is in progress.
  • Fixed not being able to schedule a new raid right after one is finished.


All the changes are planned to be released in the next live update sometime within a week. If you notice any issues or bugs when playing on nightly server, please report them on Discord, forums, or the new feedback website! 



BAH! – Bizarre and Hideous


Bizarre and Hideous contest will be happening on October 26th! If you haven’t been following the contest, it’s a new community event with the most bizarre and hideous characters in the game competing for the first prize.


The rules are simple:

  • Have the most bizarre and hideous character.
  • Walk on the stage as ridiculously as you can.
  • Do your special moves.


In order to compete against other players, you have to read  the full event’s description on our forums, and then submit your character’s picture in this thread –


There will be various prizes for the winner of course! The biggest prize would be a full mail coif to cover the winner’s hideous face or another unique retirement item if the coif is already owned by the winner. Also, some smaller prizes like gold and XP will be given as well. If you’re not sure how full mail coif looks, here’s a picture for you!




There is also a new song made by Fin specially for the contest! You can listen to a short 8 seconds sneak peek down below, and the full version will be released on 26th with the event. Make sure to come even if you wouldn’t want to participate, and just like to watch the contest! The event itself will take place on European region in the tavern in The Arena mode, 5:00 pm UTC (19:00 CEST).






5 Things to do in the new arena


1. Explore and take pictures


There is plenty of room for exploration on the new arena map! You can wander around multiple villages, visit watch towers on the hills, go to a small island in the middle of a lake, and basically go wherever you want! You could walk on your own or with your friends, just make sure you’re taking a good look at everything around you, as there are a lot of details you might miss if you simply run from one side of the map to the other.


While exploring the vast new territory, take some nice screenshots and post them on Steam! Who know, they might end up in one of the later dev frames, or even in the update’s announcement!



2. Fight and open chests


While the map of The Arena completely changed and unlocked many new ways to have fun in the area, the original rules of the mode are still present! Every player originally spawns inside a fortress in the middle of the map, and treasure chests with loot spawn inside as well. All you have to do to get them is to kill every player and bot in the fortress and open it!


There have been some suggestions to tweak the rules of the game mode to suit the bigger map better, and we’d love to hear more of your ideas for improving it! If we notice that the new area is very popular and events are happening often, we’ll definitely consider developing more convenient mechanics for The Arena.



3. Organize and win


A big improvement provided by the new map is that it allows for an absolute freedom in terms of your objective. You’re not forced to do anything specific while in The Arena, so you can organize your own events or battles whenever you like! With the new map’s introduction, it’s now possible to grab a few of your clan mates, call members of another clan to come as well, and decide who has the best warriors by fighting each other to death! Fun!


You can, of course, just go outside the fortress with a couple of other players and do a simple Free For All like in medieval tournaments, or organize a battle with any rules you like.



4. Stand tall and defend


There are many closed and fortified locations on the map. For example, small outposts are scattered all around the area, and most of the villages have palisade walls surrounding the houses and farm fields. What you and your clan mates could do is to defend that territory against any passerby there might be walking around!


Whether it’s a random stranger wandering or a full blown assault by another clan, let everyone on the map know that you’re defending your location and protect your land!



5. Survive and hunt


Another way to have some fun on the new arena’s map is to hunt for other players, while trying not to become a prey yourself! You could bring your friends and clan mates to fight each other or just join The Arena and look for anyone else around. The map provides lots of places to hide, and also has many open areas, so no matter what your play style is, it’s possible to use it in a battle!


Obviously, you’re free to create and enforce your own rules when playing with people you know. If you come up with interesting ideas for more things to do in the new arena, feel free to share it on Discord or forums with others! If many like the idea, we might even consider adding it as an actual feature!



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