dev frame – The Season


dev frame – The Season

Official trailer has been released earlier this week, starting a big sale! We’ll be releasing a new update with many tweaks and improvements in less than two weeks, and will be announcing a fun community event in a few days!


Big Sale!


If you’ve been following the game for a while, but haven’t tried it yet or if you have friends that would like to check the game out, now would be the perfect time to do it! The game has been on sale since last week already, so you have to be quick, since it will only continue up until Tuesday!


Since there’s been one of the biggest updates in the game a couple of weeks ago, there are a lot of new exciting things to try now! For example, it’s now possible to siege castles and conquer lands with your clan, engage in wars and be a diplomatic mastermind in relationships with other clans, and so on.


We will also be releasing a new patch in about a week and a half, which will contain a pretty big number of tweaks and improvements for De Re Militari mode, battle scheduler, clans, and so on. There will also be some new changes like a huge explorable map for The Arena mode, allowing to play PvP Free For All against your friends and foes in different environments!


Here’s the link to the Steam store page –



New Trailer


With the big sale came a new updated trailer of the game! It tells a story of war between clans, but it uses in-game, so everything in there actually happened during a castle siege! Thank you again everyone who took part in the battle and made this trailer happen!


List of clans that brought many of their members for the big siege:




(Fun) Community Event


You should be checking out the news about the game next week, since we’ll be announcing a fun community event in a few days! We won’t be revealing any specific details yet not to spoil the announcement, but it won’t be your usual gathering to hit each other with swords and arrows.


The event will be more focused on the community and having fun together, so please don’t try to stab your friends while it’s happening in the game. The event will take place on The Arena mode using the new map, so you could still technically do it, but better wait until the event is over to start a massacre!


The whole thing will be recorded and uploaded to our official YouTube channel, and will involve more community interactions afterwards. There will obviously be a winner who will get some fun prizes, so we strongly advise you to take part once it’s announced!



War Time


Even though seasons in De Re Militari have been described in the past, there has still been some confusion about what they are, what exactly is getting reset with each season, and other mechanics of the feature. In order to explain it better, here’s a more detailed explanation on seasons on the strategic map.


While the mode itself is persistent and every action has long lasting effects with castles being captures and held by clans, diplomacy leading to certain alliances and wars, and so on, events on the map will eventually become stalled because of the most successful clans becoming dominant in each region.


Those clans won’t be allowing opposition to get a chance of destroying them due to amount of power they hold, essentially stopping the progress on the map. It would very quickly lead to a boring gameplay, since the outcome of wars would be very easy to predict.


That’s where seasons come in play. There is no specific time frame for them yet, since it will all depend on balance and how fast dominant clans can get to the top, but there will be a set period of time for each season on the map. Once a season ends, the world will completely reset, leaving only personal player stats like levels, equipment, titles, and so on. It’s possible that even the map itself will be reset, creating a new environment to conquer.



The most successful clans in each region will get huge rewards in the end of each season, but more on that later. Basically, every season will start the strategic map over, as if it was only just released. Clans will be able to compete from the very beginning with small number of troops and no vast lands to support their conquests.


Clans and alliances that dominated the regions will have to try to claim back their glory, while clans that weren’t  as successful will be able to rethink their strategies, possibly changing things that led to their failure, creating alliances against previously winning clans to get better advantages this time, and so on.


New seasons will also mean a change in the rules of the game mode. There will obviously be smaller improvements and tweaks while seasons are ongoing, but there won’t be changes that alter how the mode is being played at its core. Unfortunately, changing the rules would lead to huge balancing changes, and could potentially break the whole mode altogether. For example, if a clan was winning a war by being better at certain mechanic, changing that mechanic in the middle of a season would mean that they would lose that war, even though it wasn’t the clan’s actions that led to it.


Most of the features and mechanics that change the core gameplay of the map are also tied together one way or the other. For example, it wouldn’t be possible to implement free army movement without also adding field battles, so such changes wouldn’t be technically viable to release one by one in patches, making it possible to only include them in the same updates. It essentially means that De Re Militari will be constantly improved with smaller changes mid-season, and big changes will be included in batches.



For example, smaller changes could include improvements of the signing up process – allowing to sign up even when a team is full or joining a battle on the side of neutral defence when someone neglected to show up. Bigger changes that will happen with season end could be army movement with field battles, ambushes, and so on, economy with equipment crafting and army specific equipment, and other things that would drastically change the mode itself.


The team will be working on both smaller and bigger changes, the only difference is that bigger ones will be released together, while smaller ones could be released as soon as they’re ready. We’d love to hear more feedback on the mode and what you consider the most important for the moment.


A lot of your suggestions are already planned to be implemented! For example, upkeep system will be completely reworked, clan members will be able to combine their troops to create bigger armies, troops will be able to return to the stronghold if they survive in a battle, and so on.




Dueling Honour


If you read the previous dev frame, you know that we’ll be releasing a different map for The Arena game mode, which will allow exploration in different areas, fighting other players in Free For All mode, and any other activities you could organize yourself with friends or clan members!


In case you missed the last week’s dev frame, here’s the link –



There will obviously be a small zone for the original arena game mode, which is fighting players and bots for treasure chests with different loot in them, but the rest of the map will be completely opened for anything you might want to do there. It could be a clan battle somewhere outside a village where other players wouldn’t disturb your fights, or you could even go ahead and hunt down unlucky players with your bow, sitting quietly on top of a tower!


The update with the map will be available in about a week and a half from now, and expect some sneak peeks pretty soon!


Another change related to map design is a new area in the lobby fortress! Many of you have been asking for a separate courtyard without any bots or big objects placed around to make PvP dueling a much more pleasant experience. We also think that it’s a great idea, so that new area is being developed for the next patch as well!


You’ll be able to easily fight your opponents without anyone or anything making combat inconvenient. Some more cool pictures of the new courtyard will also be available next week, so check Discord regularly, but there are some in this very dev frame already!


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