dev frame – Advanced Strategies


dev frame – Advanced Strategies

De Re Militari has been released, but there are many other features and mechanics that we will be adding in later updates. Some of them are already being implemented, so expect new nightly updates with various tweaks and improvements soon!


Ideas and Suggestions


We’re happy to announce that there is now a new page, specifically made for you to share your ideas and suggest changes for the game! While it was possible to just make threads on forums or simply leave a message on Discord, the whole process was very disorganized, leading to some suggestions not being noticed by the rest of the community.


The new website, while having the most basic features like posting ideas, questions, or bugs, also allows for everyone to keep track of new suggestions, top rated ideas, and so on. It will be very useful for both you as a community and us as developers to see lively discussions and what the majority of players agrees on.



Another feature of the website that should make it much more clear to everyone what’s happening with all the suggestions is assigning statuses to ideas. As an example, here’s what happened after a small suggestion to improve the chat window by making it fade without new messages was posted:


  • The suggestion was posted on the website here.


  • After noticing the new thread, which seemed like a good feature to add, the status was changed to “Undecided”.


  • Once discussed with the team that it’s technically possible to implement within our UI system, the status was changed again to “Planned”.


  • Since the feature was rather straightforward to implement, and would significantly reduce UI clutter on screen, we decided to start right away, so the idea changed to “In Development”.


  • Once the feature becomes available in the next live release, the status will be changed one last time to “Completed”.


In order to keep the system as organized as possible, other channels for suggestions will be redirecting to the new page now. Don’t worry about your previous suggestions being lost though,  as channels won’t be removed, but simply closed for posting new things.


You can check the new website and post your ideas here –


Improving Strategies


Even though De Re Militari was included in the latest live release, there are many more things we would like to do to improve the new game mode, making it much more interesting and exciting to participate in. Since the very first version of the mode is quite simple, there is plenty of room for many of your suggestions to be discussed and added!


One of the biggest reasons why we decided to start the new suggestions page is to gather all the feedback in one place, making it much more convenient to track what you would like to see implemented and what current features and mechanics might need some improvement, especially for De Re Militari.


There is a quite long list of later improvements at the moment, which are planned to be added to make gameplay experience much smoother and the map more intuitive for both regular players and newcomers. For example, there are many UI improvements that are addressing issues like menus not being very clear, and not understanding how basic mechanics work.



Some of the changes in that area will include buttons to join battles right from the Militari map, showing players that are currently online to battle commanders, displaying which clan is attacking or defending a fief in a battle, and many more improvements.


One of the much requested additions at the moment is a text field for a battle to show different messages for potential mercenaries and for already approved players. It should make initial communication much easier and provide important information for players.


For example, battle commanders could inform players that are signing up for their battle that they have to be in their clan Discord and join a voice chat 15 minutes before the battle starts in order to be accepted. Once everyone is approved by the commanders, those players will see another message, most likely with more sensitive information that shouldn’t be known to the enemy, such as formation planning, tactics created by the commanders, or anything else that commanders might want their soldiers to know about.



There is another thing that currently bothers players that sign up for fief defence, which is players signing up for battles and then forgetting to come. We will be fixing the issue with two solutions at the same time. First, it will be possible to join defence of a neutral fief even without signing up if someone didn’t show up to protect a village or a castle.


The second measure is a punishment on a more personal level, involving player communication, rather than an in-game mechanic. Basically, commanders will be able to see statistics on attendance for each player, allowing them to estimate who is more likely to come to their battle, and accepting players with higher rates.


While improving those things in De Re Militari and generally polishing the mode is very important, there are obviously much bigger plans for features and mechanics to be added. We will be continue developing those big implementations that heavily change how the map works on different levels, such as free army movement and field battles, global economy and resources, and so on.


Since De Re Militari is supposed to be split into seasons to keep it more dynamic, we’ll be releasing updates with all the features that include changes to core mechanics each time a new season starts. There are quite important additions that have to be implemented at the moment, so the first season or two will likely be kept much shorter than later ones.


The Grand Arena


When The Arena mode for lobby was first introduced, some players were asking if it would be possible to include a PvP only Free For All mode. While it’s a very good idea to have many fun modes to let everyone play what they want, splitting all players between too many of them would just make the system very chaotic. We’ve been rethinking the suggestion to allow PvP Free For All, but instead of creating a new mode and further cluttering the lobby, it was decided to implement it within The Arena itself!


The idea is to have a much bigger map instead of a very small and closed one like the current arena’s area. The difference between the two will be that chests and bots will be spawning only in a single zone of the map, leaving quite a lot of space for other fun activities! The main feature of the mode, which is trying to open chests and killing everyone else who attempts to do so, will remain the same, but will become more of an option rather than the mode’s goal.



Once spawned, you’ll be able to do the same thing you did before on The Arena, but another possibility would be to go outside and explore the map. Keep in mind that in The Arena, every participant is free to hit and kill each other, so that could be a very dangerous adventure! While there won’t be any forced tasks like in other modes, there are many ways to have some fun in that area with other players, so here are a few examples!


  • You could simply walk around and explore, either alone or with your friends and clan mates. We noticed that many of you are trying your best to get out of every possible closed map to just see what’s on the other side, and a big map with multiple different areas should provide that. There will be woods, small lakes, farms, and other diverse areas around the map.


  • Since the whole mode will be Free For All, you’ll be able to organize some fights with your clan mates for practice or your rivals to teach them a lesson in combat! For example, 5 members of your clan and 5 of the other clan could meet at a bridge and fight each other to death to determine who has the best warriors!


  • You and some other players could spawn and run in different direction, later starting a survival hunt like a medieval battle royale! Someone could be hiding on a tree with a crossbow, so you better watch out!


Even though the mode won’t have any specific rules to provide more straightforward goals and tasks, if you manage to organize and try out something on your own, we could think of changing some of the mode’s mechanic to make that activity more fun for everyone! The new feedback website would be the right place to share your ideas and experience!


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