dev frame – Deep Exploration


dev frame – Deep Exploration


The new update became available this week, and you can now attack villages, castles, and other clans on the strategic map of De Re Militari mode! Wilderness is one of the features we plan to introduce in the future, and seeing some of you anticipating its release, we’re happy to answer a few of your questions about it! While it might still be a while before it’s implemented, and many things could change in the design, we’d like to let you know about our current plans for the mode.


Big Update


The big update introducing De Re Militari, where planning is happening on the strategic map, has been released this week! You and your clan mates must unite to conquer the territories, and become the dominant kingdom in the land of war. Village raids, castle sieges, diplomacy, and tactical commanding are all essential parts of a successful conquest.


Another significant addition is a new lobby, which brought the first NPCs selling armour and weaponry, designating new servers for Hold Your Ground and The Arena, improving tutorial system, and changing many other things. It’s the first step towards the Wilderness feature, and that’s one of the reasons why this week’s dev frame is a quick Q&A about it!


In case you haven’t had a chance to check the update out yet, go ahead and read the latest changelog. It’s quite long though, so you could download the update and see all the changes for yourself instead!.



New Website


Unless you’re new to the game, you must have noticed that we completely changed the website, since you’re reading this dev frame here! The old one had a couple of issues, specifically a mobile version of it, making it not very comfortable to use and, most importantly, read the dev frames and changelogs. There should be no more trouble with that, and if you notice something not being right, please let us know!



Wilderness Questions


  • What is the Wilderness?


  • The Wilderness is more of an area with things to do rather than a game mode. It can’t really be fully described, since many things that are planned to be added are not specifically connected with each other. For example, there could be an update that adds a new mission with bandits and heroic deeds, and also an old herbs merchant to a small village. Both of those things would be added to the wilderness, but neither are affecting each other.


    In short, Wilderness is an area that provides many different activities that could be done alone or in groups. It encourages exploration of the world, which could lead you to treasures, and also allows for many different play styles within the area.



  • How large will the Wilderness be?


  • Current plan is to follow a development path that is similar to De Re Militari. Very first version most likely won’t be very big, since an empty map for wandering around might be interesting to explore once, but gets boring without adventures on the way. More content will be added with later updates, including new events, encounters, and other activities.


    It would also be the time to consider making the map larger, in order to fit all developed features in that area.In theory, we could make it as large as we want. The only two factors are time spent working on creating the map, since we wouldn’t like it to be generated for visual purposes, and amount of content there is to put inside.



  • Will the Wilderness be a part of the lobby?


  • The Wilderness will be accessible from the lobby, but will most likely require a short loading when entering the new area. Dividing different areas should solve any issues there might be with performance, and since the maps are logically connected with each other, loading times won’t become an issue. Entering the Wilderness will be very easy. It’s as simple as leaving the village’s main gates.



  • Will the missions be designed for solo or co-op play?


  • Most of the missions will be available for both play styles. If you’re wandering around the forest while everyone else is busy fighting over some castle in De Re Militari, you could find a mission and complete it alone. Balancing will most likely be done with an assumption that there are at least a couple of people working together, so completing a quest without loyal clan mates and friends assisting you would be a rather challenging job, but possible nonetheless.



  • Will there be PvP in the Wilderness?


  • There are currently no specific plans for PvP missions or other activities, but since the idea of the Wilderness is to expand the area with more and more content, there is a good chance that some PvP gameplay will be introduced later on.


    We’ve also been thinking about a free PvP within the area, which means that every play would be able to attack other players on sight, but there is a number of issues with such mechanic, so there’s been no final decision yet. The biggest worry is how hard it would be to take part in Wilderness activities when there are constantly players hunting down each other. Since such feature was not meant to be in the first release of the area, we’ll be discussing such PvP content later on.



  • Will there be a storyline with mission?


  • While all missions will obviously be located within the same area and could have similar lores and backstories, there are no plans for a storyline with chains of quests like in singleplayer RPGs. Since the Wilderness will be an online area for every player, and missions will be global, meaning that everyone could join you with your quest at any time, it wouldn’t make much sense to introduce personal quest lines, since they would be very limiting in a multiplayer game. 



  • Will the Wilderness be linked with De Re Militari?


  • We’re not planning to make the Wilderness a part of De Re Militari, but it’s not impossible that some connection will be made. Even now, it is possible to access the strategic map by interacting with the war table in the lobby. As De Re Militari will be getting more and more features, there could be certain elements that will be similarly added to the Wilderness, even if for the sake of immersion.



  • Will it be possible to sheath your weapons?


  • Even though it’s not exactly related to the Wilderness, the question was asked for this specific Q&A, and it would make sense if somebody wants to feel more immersed in the game by exploring the word with their sword in the scabbard and a shield on the back. The answer is yes, we will be adding the ability to sheath your weapons. It’s not a priority at the moment, since it’s mostly just a visual thing, but it’s on the list.



  • Will you be adding more NPCs?


  • Yes, NPCs will be playing a major part in both the Wilderness and even the lobby itself. Not getting into too much detail, we would like to have villagers wandering around, different soldiers and guards protecting them, beggars in dirty clothes, bandits lusting for gold, and so on. We were also thinking about some other NPCs like special merchants in the Wilderness, but it’s a little too early to discuss those.



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