Changelog – 1.7.0


Changelog – 1.7.0

Prepare for war with your fellow clan mates, as De Re Militari is now released and awaits brave commanders to conquer lands on the strategic map! We will be releasing a new trailer soon, thanks to the community and clans, and would love to hear what you think about the recent changes!

Main changes


De Re Militari


Strategic map has arrived! You can now gather your troops by playing other modes in the game and start a conquest with fellow clan mates. Once a village or a castle is captured, your banner will be placed, claiming the land. Afterwards, those settlements will provide an even higher gain of troops, allowing you to move forward and start wars against other clans, to decide who has the strongest army and the smartest commanders.


Current version of De Re Militari is quite basic, compared to our plans for later releases. There are two main reasons for that. First, we wanted to allow you to play the new mode as quickly as possible, and had to decide between a polished mode with fewer mechanics or a mode with additional mechanics, but with possibility that it contains many issues. And second, while we have many  plans for De Re Militari like resource production in fiefs and field battles, our ultimate goal is to create a game mode that you, players, would like to play.


We will continue to develop the strategic map, adding features we’ve planned, but also responding to feedback and including suggestions from the community. We’ve already been changing quite a few things before release from nightly feedback, and got some good ideas for later additions. Some ideas are pretty big and could potentially change the mode a lot!


  • Added De Re Militari.




Lobby Fortress


We’ve been teasing you with screenshots and our plans for the new lobby for quite a while now, and it’s finally in the game! We’ll be adding more features and expanding the fortress itself, but there are lots of changes that you can see already.


New fortress has multiple areas, all dedicated to their own purpose, like a training courtyard with an easy access to tutorial and targets for practice, a street with merchants selling their products, and so on. In one of the later updates, we’ll also make a village just outside the fortress available for exploration!


The first NPCs in the lobby allow you to buy different equipment from them, but we also plan to include more NPC types that can be interacted with. We’ve also added a new ranged practice mode, which is a good way to improve your shooting abilities, and lowered a probability of bots fighting each other, so you can get a wider variety of opponents to practice.


Hold Your Ground and The Arena modes got moved to their own servers, so there should be no more lag when someone suddenly spawns 30 bots in co-op mode! A small downside is that joining the modes requires a short loading, but they’re technically placed on the same map, so it should be rather quick. 


  • Added a new lobby fortress map.
  • Added merchant NPCs.
  • Moved Hold Your Ground and The Arena to separate from lobby servers.
  • Added a ranged practice mode to the lobby.
  • Lowered a probability of bots fighting each other in the lobby.






While the old tutorial did explain how the most basic controls work, it wasn’t very useful for actual learning. There are now three working tutorials instead of one, since there are technically three main differences between fighting styles in the game – melee combat without shield, melee combat with shield, and ranged combat.


You’re now free to choose any of the tutorials you’d like to play, and repeat them if you’d like to refresh your memory. If it’s the first time you start the game, you will be automatically placed in the tutorial, and to start it again anytime in the future, simply follow a book icon in the lobby.


  • Added a new tutorial.




Village Raids


There are quite a lot of changes and additions for raid battles, which are now used for De Re Militari, but arguably the single biggest one is a whole new village map! You will play on the new map whenever someone attacks a village with their clan, so you won’t be able to miss it.


The village is rather big, with different areas like a watchtower or a wheat field, but it’s much smaller than the castle overall, and it’s generally much more opened. You should be very careful as a defender when protecting the land, since it’s a lot harder to defend without walls and other fortifications to hold the invaders! 


  • Added a new Village map.




Full Reset


We’ve been thinking about a reset for a while now, since many old players have an excessive amount of goods like gold and equipment, and many balancing changes we’ve been implementing would hardly affect them with such wealth. It is also not very fair towards new players to come into an environment with such well equipped warriors around.


After doing a public poll, it’s been decided to do a full character reset with the update, including gold, XP, loot chests, titles, and stats. We kept clans and character appearances untouched, so no need to worry about losing a contact with your clan mates!


  • Reset all characters.




Combat changes


Releasing Arrows


Arrows and bolts in the game have been pretty slow before, so in order to balance it out and allow a fair chance to hit your targets, we’ve made some changes to how shooting works. All ranged weapons now shoot with relatively same speed, and projectiles became a little less heavy, allowing to shoot farther. Heavier bows and crossbows still take much longer to nock and do a higher damage.


  • Normalized the fire power of all ranged weapons.
  • Reduced the mass of all arrows and bolts by 25%.




Falling Down


There have been some complaints about falling damage in the past, mainly because even jumping from a rather low hill would result in some damage, which is very unrealistic. After some value balancing, we’ve tweaked the damage to be 33% lower than before, and also increased a height at which fall damage starts to affect characters, meaning that jumps from small heights shouldn’t do damage at all now.


  • Increased minimum fall height before taking damage.
  • Reduced the fall damage by 33%.




Small improvements


Battle Additions


Quite a lot is added for the battle mode in this patch! Since it’s the new mode that’s used in De Re Militari whenever someone attacks a village or a castle, it’s very important to keep it up to date and improve its mechanics overtime. Player feedback is also very influential, and we’ve been adding many features based on community suggestions.


There are some visual improvements for the mode that serve gameplay functions as well. For example, a UI element for the minimap and the overview map that shows when enemies are close to your flag, a zoom in effect when spawning, progress bars for capturing objectives, and so on.


We tried to generally improve the mode, adding mechanics that would affect quality of battles, so there is now a button to call for help when close to a flag, crates that allow to refill arrows and bolts, an autowin condition if either side neglected to show up for the battle, and some other changes as well.


If you have suggestions for the mode, we would love to hear them on our Discord or forums!


  • Added clan tags to the sign up list.
  • Added a zoom in on player’s spawn.
  • Added projectile refill crates to the battle mode.
  • Added assists for the Raid battle mode.
  • Added a UI element to show when enemies are near your flags in the battle mode.
  • Added tips for the battle mode.
  • Added an ALT button to show all flags on screen.
  • Added a G button to call for action when near a flag.
  • Added progress bars that show how far points are from being captured on the overview map.
  • Added an auto win if enemy team is empty for 5 minutes.




Battle Improvements


While we’ve been adding new mechanics to the battle mode, there are also lots of changes to existing features! Most of them are direct suggestions by the community, and if you have other ideas, feel free to let us know!


To make the mode more tactical instead of allowing to easily rush one by one, many values have been tweaked to encourage planning and working as a group. If your team is not doing too good on the battlefield, you should consider doing a formation and unite your efforts. As an example of changes we’ve made, there is a longer respawn time, which will make you think twice before rushing alone into a group of enemies.


Other changes were also designed to improve a general feel of the mode, so unconnected flags now take longer to be captured, making them harder objectives to take, a short invincibility should stop quick spawn kills when enemies are attacking the same objective you’re spawning on, and so on.


  • Increased the base respawn time in the battle mode to 17 seconds.
  • Increased capturing time for unconnected flags in the battle mode to 15 seconds (10 for connected).
  • Increased preparation time for defenders to 60 seconds.
  • Blocked camera movement while in battle preparation phase.
  • Added an invincibility upon respawn.
  • Added Esc as a button to close an overview map.
  • Added 3 seconds to defender’s respawn time if all linked flags are taken.
  • Changed spawn directions to face the nearest enemy point.




Better Clans


Clans are very important for De Re Militari and the game as a whole, since only clans can own villages and castles on the map, and engage in territorial warfare on their own terms. Even though players that are not a part of any clan can still take part in those battles, they cannot attack settlements themselves.


In order to allow players to create clans more easily, we’ve changed the requirement from having to retire to simply paying 20 gold. It will still take a little time if you’re a new player, but it’s still much quicker if you’d like to start leading your own group of brave warriors.


A small change to joining clans is also a cooldown when you try to leave and join a new one. It should prevent things like leaving for a day not to pay an upkeep for the clan, creating multiple new clans and spawning useless strongholds on the map, and some other game abuse cases.


  • Changed the requirement to create a clan to 20 gold instead of one retirement.
  • Added a cooldown on rejoining clans.




Reward Balancing


Unbalanced rewards in the game could lead to not very interesting gameplay due to either too many or not enough of them. We spent some of the time for the update to tweak many things related to rewards and specifically loot chests to improve the balance.


First, some balancing changes include increasing an umber of chests for all the modes except for The Arena, since our data showed that it’s been the most rewarding way to get wealthy in the game. Other changes in that regard include addition of  loot chests for every 5th wave on Hold Your Ground, removing troop rewards for common chests to avoid troop farming, and adding more diverse rewards for chests that have higher rarity levels than common.


World chests have also been tweaked, since they could be easily gained without a fight. The first 20 chests you open in the lobby will have high rariry levels to reward map exploration, but all later chests will be only common to forbid chest farming.


A few other additions include a First Win of the Day that gives troops for winning your first battle within 24 hours, increased chance of getting masterworts from the chests to allow balancing extreme builds more often, and some small improvements like a visual animation when opening a chest.


  • Increased a number of chests received from HYG, Skirmish, and Conquest
  • Added loot chest rewards to every 5th wave on HYG.
  • Lowered number of players required to spawn high rarity chests in Arena.
  • Added a message about treasure chests you find.
  • Increased chances of getting masterworts.
  • Tweaked how world chests work; After opening 20, they’re always common to avoid farming.
  • Removed troop rewards for common chests.
  • Added a First Win of the Day troops reward.
  • Add a number of chests to barracks button.
  • Added visual animations for opening chests.
  • Added more diverse rewards at higher rarity levels.




Community Ideas


As requested by the community, Skirmish battles can now be started with only four players signed up for them. Since it’s still fun to have small tournament-like skirmish with 2v2, but not big Conquest battles, we kept that number for Conquest mode unchanged.


Another small change was increasing the width of the scoreboard, so all the names with tags and titles can fit better. Before the change, almost every name had to be made smaller in the game due to not enough space to put it with default font.


Last small change, requested by the community in the past, is a marching feature. You can now simply press a button and march together with your fellow friends and clan mates. No matter what your character build is, everyone will have the same speed when marching, resulting in perfect formations.


  • Reduced minimum number of players for Skirmish to 4.
  • Increased the width of the scoreboard.
  • Added a Walk toggle button (default /).




Bug fixes


  • Fixed the fire sound playing when a torch is not lit.
  • Fixed kill messages not showing in bloodbath mode.
  • Fixed XP not being granted in bloodbath mode.
  • Fixed sound stuttering when many players are around.
  • Fixed red question marks replacing bolts.
  • Fixed bows snapping when moving to extreme angles.
  • Fixed map icons appearing on top of a scoreboard after a battle is finished.
  • Fixed players being visible on the overview map.

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