dev frame – Capture and Hold


dev frame – Capture and Hold

De Re Militari is now being tested on nightly and tweaked according to feedback. Live release is planned later next week and we’ll have another castle siege to get some additional footage for our new trailer!


Recorded History


Thanks everyone who managed to come on Friday to our Trailer Recording battle! We will credit every clan that brought many of their members and will post links to your forum pages. There were some technical issues with our nightly server, since it was never tested with so many players at once, unlike our live servers. We will have another battle sometime early next week to get some additional footage, and would very much appreciate if you could come!


We will announce the exact date and time of the battle on Monday and will also count all the clan members to credit you in the trailer. If you and your clan mates couldn’t come on Friday, it’s your last chance!




Tweaking Strategies 


De Re Militari has been on nightly for a couple of days and is coming to live really soon! There are still some additions planned to be added in the next testing update, but most of the first iteration has been finished. We appreciate all the feedback and responding to it with changes, assuming they don’t break the core balance of the game mode. Many recent suggestions, especially involving new mechanics and features, are actually planned to be added in later iterations, but some ideas are very much game changing, and we will be adding them to our list.


We had quite a lot of battles already, and some clans are doing better than the others, but there will always be a chance to form alliances if there is a strong enemy you need to defeat. We’ve added new sub-forums for the mode with different functions for you to use while playing!



There are currently three of them, but suggestions for more sub-forums and thread prefixes are welcomed!


  • Militari Discussion is for everything in general involving the new game mode. Maybe some interesting screenshots, discussion of mechanics that are currently implemented, bragging about how easy it was to capture that huge castle held by the strongest clan in the region, and so on. Keep in mind that specific suggestions should be still posted in the Suggestions sub-forum!


  • Diplomacy is probably the most useful new sub-forum, since threads posted in it directly affect clans on the map. For example, if Clan A would like to attack Clan B because they’re attacking nearby villages, Clan A could publicly declare a war on them. Then all of a sudden, Clan C steps in and declares an alliance with Clan A after a discussion between clan leaders, since Clan B has also been conquering lands close to their soil. In the end, Clan B, being under pressure on both fronts, declares a manifesto that they will not be capturing any new lands for a month, and will allow neighbours to recapture their original villages and castles, putting an end to the bloody war.


    Obviously, all of those things could be done without public announcements on forums, but it could be a very good way to keep every clan in the loop, and possibly find potential allies or new causes for wars, or simply to make things more interesting by role playing according to your clan’s background.


  • Questions and Issues is for questions you might have about the mode, its functioning, and anything you might want to know if you’re only just starting on the map. Please don’t use it for bug reports, since there is a special sub-forum for that. Only ask about gameplay issues you might have, like “I lost my village and would like to know how to quickly get enough troops to capture it back”.


Based on our current nightly feedback we gathered, we’re already tweaking some of the balance of De Re Militari, and tweaking a couple of implemented mechanics. For example, we’re lowering the production of troops per day and rewards from playing other modes, making troops a much more valuable resource, and slowing down the mode itself to achieve more meaningful battles that occur less frequently than many battles that don’t mean much for any clan.



While simply lowering the gain might not be an ideal solution, we will stick to it for now, until we implement a feature that allows to reinforce friendly armies with troops of different players. For example, instead of waiting until a single player gains enough troops to attack a village, three clan members could march together towards that village and combine their troops, in order to attack three times faster.


Once the feature is successfully added to the mode, we will significantly lower troop production again, creating a need for clans to work together and implementing organization and strategic planning by clan leaders, since the only realistic way to become powerful on the map and keep conquering lands will be to unite multiple commanders with their troops into big armies, instead of allow each member to be on their own.


There has also been an issue with outer fiefs not being capturable, since they would need to be first captured by a clan that spawned them by creating a stronghold. The mechanic was first introduced to allow new clans to establish some land without a need to be drawn into big clan wars from the very beginning. While it should have served a good cause, it would mean that some clans might take an excessive amount of time dealing with their neutral fiefs, blocking other clans from progressing.



After an intense debate, we decided to implement a solution that might be seen as a middle ground between both an easier start for beginners and an opportunity for existing clans to expand their territories. Instead of a permanent lock on neutral objectives until they’re captured, there will be a peaceful phase for newly spawned villages and castles, lasting no more than 14 days. If a new clan manages to capture all outer fiefs within that period of time (which would be incredibly impressive with new troop gain!), it would be lifted instantly, but we expect at least some of the fiefs to still be neutral by that time.


Nightly will be there for a  couple more days, and we’ll have a new update for it with the changes listed above sometime early next week. If you’d like to suggest some other tweaks, feel free to use our forums or Discord! We will, unfortunately, not be able to add whole new mechanics and features you might suggest for the first iteration, but we would love to hear them and consider for later updates!




Neutral Fortress


New lobby map has finally been added to the nightly testing server! There’s been quite a lot of talk about it in the past, and even descriptions of features we’re planning to include for it later in the future, but now it’s available for everyone to try!


The map itself has been changed heavily since the very first mention in the dev frames. It’s still a fortress with different areas and a village nearby, but the structure has been completely reworked, creating a much more organized environment, which allows to logically create all kinds of areas.



For example, there is a dedicated court for duels, which also leads to gates that provide access to Hold Your Ground and The Arena. There will be no more bots running around the whole map, not leaving any place for Player vs Player combat. You can obviously duel each other wherever you want in the fortress, but some areas might be more suited for it than others.


While Wilderness with quests and random encounters is planned to be released a bit later, and there are no complex interaction mechanics with NPCs, there are many new features implemented with the lobby, so it’s not just a visual improvement. For example, there are merchants standing at their market stands just outside the fortress, selling each their own goods – melee weapons and shields, ranged weapons, and all kinds of armour. They’re polite enough to greet you when you decide to purchase a new pair of gloves or a shiny new axe, so be kind and do the same!



Most of the other menus from the barracks will also be possible to access from the lobby. Some of them are already implemented and working on nightly, like a new tutorial, and some are on hold until new assets are provided by the artists. You’ll be able to go to a war table and see De Re Militari’s map, the same way as interacting with the merchants, and do many different things in the fortress and outside.


The village will not be accessible at first, since there is not functional part with additional features being added in the first version of the lobby, but we will obviously unlock it once there are interesting new addition for that part of the new area. By the way, Wilderness will also be accessible only from the lobby, by simply walking out of the village!



The Arena and Hold Your Ground are now on their own servers and require a quick loading when entering them, but provide a much smoother experience, since there are no unrelated characters walking around that were affecting performance before. Since the new change moved the modes to outside the lobby itself, it’s also possible for us to increase a maximum cap on player count for them! Prepare for bigger co-op and deathmatch battles!


We will be releasing the new lobby and all the features that are currently present on nightly to live with the same update that will bring De Re Militari. If you have some suggestions or would like to see something changed, please let us know!




Castle Takeover


With much feedback on De Re Militari in the last couple of days, there has also been a discussion about the battle mode, which is used when villages and castles on the map are under attack. We’ve been discussing your suggestions last week and decided to do a couple of changes before releasing a new live update next week.


First of all, while battles against neutral fiefs are staying to be 30 minutes at most, we decided to push every Clan vs Clan battle to 60 minutes. It will allow both sides to be more tactical on the battlefield and execute different approaches, since time won’t be as pressing. Sure, it could be that some battles will be end much earlier than the maximum cap, but nevertheless it is now a possibility for every talented army commander to do something other than rush for the easiest flags.



Another thing that might have been frustrating when fighting over objectives is how spawning worked. Defenders could simply respawn very quickly after being killed by attackers, and immediately rush into a battle again. Attackers could also keep pushing without any rest, since spawning is so quick.


While the base for respawn is current 12 seconds, and all additional time for defenders when there are adjacent objectives captured, we’re increasing that number to 17 seconds. We’re also moving spawn locations a little bit away from the flags themselves, which will make battle engagement to start a little later after spawning, and reduce a number of spawn kills. 


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