dev frame – Almost There


dev frame – Almost There

New update with the Raid Mode has been added earlier this week, bringing the Strategic Map even closer to release. It won’t be a month before the game mode gets implemented, so assemble your army and sharpen your weapons!


Raiding Settlements


Since the Raid Mode’s release on Wednesday, there have been quite a lot of battles fought by clans to get their shares of loot. If you’re interested in feuds and organized battles, you should consider joining one of the more active clans, but nothing stops you from casually joining those battles to have some fun either!


If you haven’t managed to check the new game mode out yet, there are some cool videos uploaded by the community members!


A video of one of the raids at its full length has been recorded by Ramses. He and some other players, like his fellow FCoR clan mates and some Templar members, decided to team up in voice chat and figure out a unified tactic against the attacking forces. Worked pretty well for defenders!



Ouki decided to go for a more cinematic experience with his video by editing it and adding some epic music to accompany his fearsome fighting style. He’s been teamkilled a couple of times while fighting to protect the castle, but friendly damage is impossible to avoid with big groups fighting simultaneously.




Getting Strategic


With the Raid Mode released earlier this week, we’re getting much closer to the first version of the Strategic Map! If all goes well and coders don’t find big issues with anything related to it, the mode should become available in a couple of weeks from now, and added to our nightly testing server even earlier.


Since many mechanics for the Strategic Map are now present in the Raid Mode, sharing your feedback and posting suggestions essentially means that you help the team out with the map itself. For example, after having multiple raids finish and hearing many ideas about the length of those battles, the team is considering making bigger battles in terms of player and troop count a little bit longer.


If you have something interesting to suggest after checking the new mode out, we would love to hear it on our Discord channel and official forums!


In-game UI when you check a neutral village.

The work on the Strategic Map is being done on multiple development fronts at the same time. One of the aspects currently being implemented is a new village map for a smaller type of fiefs, which will definitely be available in the next live release in a couple of weeks from now!


Maps for the new game mode will generally have a bigger variety in the future, and it’s possible that there will be more fief types added in later Strategic Map’s versions, but we’re sticking with those two maps for the time being, as the base for later improvements. If you would like to find out more about the village map itself, check the artistic section of the dev frame below!


Quite a lot of features and mechanics related to the gameplay on the Strategic Map have already been finished by the coding team. Not to mention the Raid Mode, battle scheduler, and Clans system, which all were already released, and are essential parts of the upcoming game mode.


Clans, for example, will be the main force of the map, conquering territories and fighting for power. Battle scheduler will allow every player to track what important Strategic Map battles are coming up, and to sign up for either attacking or defending sides. And the Raid Mode, being the latest addition, provides core mechanics for the map like gaining troops and attacking specific fiefs.


Coders are currently actively testing the Strategic Map locally, while implementing new additions that are required before it becomes available on our nightly server. So far there have been no issues found that could prevent it from being released on schedule, and we’ll continue updating you on the state of the mode as its development progresses. Keep an eye on our Discord channel as well, some sneak peeks might soon be posted!


Same UI, but for a big occupied fief.

While artists are also working on the Strategic map, providing new assets and art for the game mode, the focus so far has been set on finishing gameplay features and polishing a terrain generator, responsible for uncovering new lands with more clans joining the map, leaving artistic implementations that require coding for later stages of development (obviously before live release).


At the moment, everything related to visual style of the Strategic Map has been a placeholder to allow internal testing for coders, so we’ll start posting good looking screenshots once priorities shift towards improving the looks in the upcoming weeks.


You can check some of the Work In Progress fiefs for the map right now though! There is a small and a big village, two castles of different sizes, and the biggest fortress representing a stronghold – a clan’s capital.


Bigger settlements will generally appear closer to capital strongholds, and since they’re more powerful, will be bigger in size as well. Smaller villages and castles will be placed on the outskirts of the initial clan’s territory, making them easier to conquer by neighbouring enemy clans.





Villagers Not Pleased


The new castle siege map, which is currently being used for the Raid Mode, will later appear on the Strategic Map as well, but it won’t be the only map available, since there will be gameplay reasons that require different fief types placed around. Since the castle has already already implemented and tested, the next map coming up is, of course, a village map!


As it’s already been discussed in previous dev frames, the Strategic Map will have three fief types in the first version. While the stronghold is a clan’s main capital and won’t be available for attacks in the very first game mode’s iteration, there are also heavily fortified castles that will provide territory defense by being so hard to capture, and villages that will be much less fortified, but numerous on the map.


Since villages usually don’t have strong gatehouses, tall stone walls, and towers with battlements for archers to shoot from, the map will generally be much more opened than the one added earlier this week. Defending points will be a lot harder without fortifications and narrow passages, but the openness might also be a quite big disadvantage for attackers, since there won’t be many defined paths towards objectives, making it easy to get lost or attack from a wrong side.



While it’s not as important with the Raid Mode’s fief attacks to win or lose battles, since there is no territory being conquered and lost, it will be much more meaningful with the Strategic Map’s release. As it’s been noticed in the last few raids, those teams that have an active communication about what status each objective on the map has and a general tactical plan have a pretty big advantage over teams that try to rush for different flags randomly.


If your team doesn’t have a designated commander, try using team chat for quick updates on your side. We’ve also added a feature on nightly that allows to call for action when near a flag or on the map’s overview screen. It will be very important on both the new village map and the current castle siege to be informed about incoming forces and which objectives requires aid to withstand the enemy’s attacks.


The village map should be available on our nightly testing server sometime early next week, and we’ll be testing it by organizing raids! All your feedback will be very much appreciated, since it helps the team to tweak balance and change some bits and pieces to improve an overall feel of the village and its surroundings.



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